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Oscillating sander

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  • Oscillating sander

    Anyone else getting shocks from their sander? I am continually shocked and customer service says it is probably static electricity. Also the dust collection is terrible.

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    Re: Oscillating sander

    No shocks here.
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      Re: Oscillating sander

      What model?


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        Re: Oscillating sander

        This is the stationary oscillating sander. I keep getting shocks from the table.


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          Re: Oscillating sander

          A model number would be nice, so we know exactly what you are talking about. But, I'll presume you are talking about the bench-top EB4424 drum/belt sander.

          I've read reports of people getting static electricity shock from the hand-held Random Orbit Sanders but never from the stationary bench-top unit. I would think that any generated static-electricity would be bled-off by the unit's ground wire.

          Are you getting a shock within moment of it being turned on or only after some period of operation? And, could it possibly be not from the operation of the sander, but perhaps from the suction action of the vacuum or dust collector that you are using for dust removal? As I recall, the problem with the hand-held ROS was not the operation of the tool, as much as it was the vacuum action, which causes the velocity of the dust to statically charge the sander.

          If you can determine the source of the "shock", it would be helpful. There certainly should be no shock from the unit as it is just standing or running... unless there is a short or disconnect in the ground wire. However, if the static is being built-up via the dust-laden airflow or the exhaust, the you may have to address that with some kind of grounding within the exhaust port/hose. Often, ground wires systems are suggested for plastic ducting used in dust-collection systems.

          I hope this helps,