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miter saw laser guide is not appearing

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  • miter saw laser guide is not appearing


    The laser(broken line) is supposed to show up on material to be cut before actually cutting the piece ?

    The laser line only show up when pressing start trigger button. I'd like to see & measure cutting line with laser first though.

    Is this normal not to be shown the laser line without pressing start button >?

    thanks a lot.

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    Re: miter saw laser guide is not appearing

    Yes, that is normal if your laser is mounted on the blade arbor like mine is. On my Ridgid model CMS (2006), the laser is mounted like the outer blade hub and it activates by centrifugal force after the switch powers the motor and the blade spins up.

    On mine (and I think most blade hub mounted lasers), the laser cut line will not mark the exact cut line, but will be a fraction to the left of where the actual cut will be. The laser line is thus for "reference" and not exact.

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