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  • ridgid dust collector

    this CL ad caught my attention:

    Ridgid Dust Collector

    i didn't know ridgid produced a DC at one time. anyone have a source for specs as there's nothing on the website.
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    Re: ridgid dust collector

    IIRC, and I'm not all that sure that I do, I believe that the Ridgid DC was discontinued around the start of the new millennium. I believe that it was a 1HP unit so the specs on the small 1 HP Jet DC should be in the ballpark of the Ridgid DC.
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      Re: ridgid dust collector

      I think BadgerDave is correct. I have an old issue of Wood Magazine, which I recall was sometime in 2000. It has a two-page Ad showing the "gray" Ridgid tool line. In addition to a dust collector, there was a RAS, table saw, thickness planer, lathe, scroll saw, and I think the bandsaw. I'll have to try and find that, to make sure if I am remembering it correctly.