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2.6 liter 3000 psi washer

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  • 2.6 liter 3000 psi washer

    As I started my washer this year I see two issues:

    1. The engine runs fine, but when I start the washer pressure build and then after a minute or so dies away, then comes back.

    What might be causing this?

    2.I cant get the washer to suck up soap solution, wheres the check valve thats stuck?

    Finally does the pump have a certain level it should have in it, how do you check the pump lube level,and add the lube if needed?

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    Re: 2.6 liter 3000 psi washer

    Could be an unloader issue causing the pressure surge.

    For the chemical injection issue, look at where the clear tubing is attached at the pump and that's where your issue will likely be. Probably a spring loaded ball that is sticking. Be sure to run fresh water through the system after each to use to help minimize issues like this. You can sometimes blow through the tube or even use a bit of compressed air to free it. Sometimes they are clogged enough that you must take it apart and manually clean/lightly sand it for proper operation. Also, make sure the filter for the soap system is clean.

    Most sealed axial pumps on cheaper models don't require oil to be added or changed as it will likely last the life of the pump. OTOH higher quality axial pumps and triplex (crankshaft) pumps should be half full of oil. Oil type and viscosity is another subject.