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  • Company Integrity

    Several months ago I had an issue with an old Rigid air compressor. I was sure it must be out of warranty, but figured I could still get service or parts for the unit. I found that it was still listed within the parts catalog of the site, but had some questions as to exactly which parts I would need, so I called customer service. Was I ever surprised to find that I didn't need to worry at all. The Rigid representative looked up the serial number for my unit (my receipt was long gone), and the unit was actually still under warranty. He directed me to my local repair shop, and the machine was fixed free of charge. The repair facility was a bit reluctant and troublesome, but Rigid interceded and made sure I got the repair at no charge. I don't know how anyone could ask for more! As for the dealership that performed the repair . . . I'd drive a thousand miles to avoid doing business with them again! But I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Rigid tool for a second.
    When buying an expensive tool, I have learned one important fact: You pay partly for the tool and it's functionality and initial quality, but the more important factor is the integrity of the company that stands behind it. If anyone has any doubts, rest assured, Rigid is a company that stands for integrity and real customer satisfaction! They have earned my trust!

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    Re: Company Integrity

    This is my second post of praise for Rigid tools, and most companies don't impress me enough to get one such note from me!
    Early this summer I began construction of a landscape timber garden planter. At 19' x 30" x 36", this was a mid size project, requiring a substantial number of heavy cuts through saturated ground contact timbers. A tough job for any compound miter saw, but a huge task to ask of a small 10" compound miter like my little Rigid saw. I did use a brand new blade, and the little saw went through the wet, notty cheap wood like a champ! All the cuts were smooth and accurate, just like it was a brand new saw, and mine was over ten years old when the job started. All was going well when something unexpected happened. I have no idea what caused it (could have been a combination of things), but the saw blade came in contact with the safety fence, and shattered it. Anyone who does any amount of woodworking knows that one thing can be relied on . . . The unexpected is to be expected. Perhaps the mechanism got bent without my knowledge, the blade may have come loose, or not tightened correctly. Could have been a bit of sawdust on the wrong side of the retaining washer when the blade was installed. At any rate . . . The "Gremlins" got into the works, and kapow, what a mess! Lucky for me, there was nobody else close by, so my bit of "Chipped Bark" was the only injury. Like any carpenter, I cleaned up the mess, taped the boo boo, and got back to the project.
    I hate to use a tool without the proper safety guards in place, as smarter men than me designed them to be there for a reason. So I went to the Rigid website to look up the parts to repair the saw properly. My saw was so old, that the original company that made the saw for Rigid has been replaced. I thought, "Oh boy, I'm sure to be out of luck this time". But being the optimist that I am, I contacted customer service. The representative showed sincere concern for my situation, and my well being. She assured me that my safety was her first concern, and asked If I would file a safety report. No problem, so we did that. She assured me that they would not only help with repairing the saw, but in all likely hood, I would get a replacement saw. A few days later, the company rep called me to see how I was, and asked what kind of saw I'd like. I told him that mine was just a little cheap 10" saw, but if I could get a nicer one, that'd be just great. He said he'd have to clear the upgrade with the boss, but either way he'd be in my area the next week. He was good to his word, and delivered a brand new 12" compound slide miter w/laser guide right to my shed for me. You just can't reasonably expect any more than that from a company.
    I know I could have gotten a lawyer involved, gone through the routine of doctors and liars and such to reap more from this incident. But in all honesty . . . I don't know if the tool or it's design were actually at fault? Could have been the result of my working while tired and careless, who knows. The Rigid tool company showed me good faith by treating me fairly. It's only right that I do the same. At least they stood by the tool, their reputation, and my well being! I could not be happier with the outcome. Anyone who does woodworking knows that you can expect a few nicks to the bark at times, and if you manage to keep all your fingers over a lifetime, you've done something! I got a brand new saw, and a big happy smile to boot!


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      Re: Company Integrity

      what color was the 10" miter saw and did it pre-date ~ 2003?
      there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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        Re: Company Integrity

        That is what you call a full consumer satisfaction! Quality tools matched with supreme customer service.