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R4512 clicking/slapping sound

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  • R4512 clicking/slapping sound

    Ok so I was buzzing through some thick wood yesterday and it bogged the saw down to the point of throwing the electric breaker. Stopped. So I plugged it into a different socket and continued to saw away. Everything was fine. Except after that incident a little while later I started to hear what I can only describe as a repetitive clicking/slapping sound when the saw gets going. Think bicycle card in wheel sound but not so slappy if that makes sense. The saw still cuts fine, but I would like to know what that sound is so I can fix it before it becomes something bad. I took the insert off and blew everything clean with air which did not change anything. Haven't gone deep than that yet. Any suggestions?

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    Re: R4512 clicking/slapping sound

    Just a WAG but check your blade for flatness, you may have damaged it.
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      Re: R4512 clicking/slapping sound

      >>Just a WAG but check your blade for flatness, you may have damaged it.<<

      That's a really good tip to remember. It only takes a very slight bend in the blade to produce noise and other problems. The last time it happened to me, the saw sounded like a train's clickety-clack.



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        Re: R4512 clicking/slapping sound

        Yeah. Checked that. Put a fresh blade in to be sure and the sound persists. Took out the insert and powered up , still getting sound. No slivers or chips stuck anywhere. Saw is 1 month old so seems like the belt would be as new. Love the saw, just prayin it doesn't go south.


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          Re: R4512 clicking/slapping sound

          Buzzing through some thick wood??????? [not really a woodworker's terminology]

          how thick was the wood?
          What type wood were you cutting?
          What was the saw blade height?
          how fast were you feeding the wood?
          how wet was the wood?
          what blade were you using?

          Remember the max cut is about 3 1/4" and at 45 degrees 2 1/4"

          Feeding the material too fast can damage the blade, damage the motor..stalling the saw is a bad thing! and possibly
          warping the arbor! Using the wrong type saw blade for the task can also cause problems.

          You may have damaged a motor bearing and that could be the slapping noise.
          You may also have to realign the motor drive belt and bushings. It may be hitting a guard.

          I suggest you take the saw to a service center for inspection because if you do nothing
          it could become a safety issue!

          An improperly operating table saw will be a dangerous tool and can cause personal injury!

          If you are not experienced in using such a tool then without hesitation you need to get it to a
          service center for at least a safety inspection!

          Cactus Man
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