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Ridgid R2401 laminate trim router

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  • Ridgid R2401 laminate trim router

    I just purchased the R2401 trim router. I do have large full size routers but I have had
    challenges with them on small projects.

    I finally decided to try the smaller trim router direction after reading various reviews.
    I did look at other brands...Bosch, Porter Cable, and DeWalt

    I find the Ridgid R2401 model to be very user friendly.
    It comes with all of the usual optional stuff you always end up buying,
    so for $109.90 [including tax] and with the LSA offering you can't go wrong.

    After READING the manual I set it up and ran a few different operations with it.
    I really like the LED light but...wouldn't two LEDs be better?

    The weight, grip, and operation are excellent even for a left handed user.
    The router does not cause any radio interference and they have a ferrite bead on the power cord,
    a very nice idea!

    You can review the specifications on line etc. so I'll not parrot them here.
    The R2401 does seem to enough power to address most of my routing usage.

    I suspect my larger routers may not see much action since I added this to my tools.

    Cactus Man
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    Re: Ridgid R2401 laminate trim router


    Thanks for the nice review.

    I have the earlier R2400 which came in a hard case and with slightly different features. At first it was a bit scary with that rather large side access hole with no cover... as a novice user, I was sure I'd loose a finger should my hand carelessly grip it wrong. But to date that hasn't happened.

    There's also plenty of power, though no LED's... that's a nice addition.

    The only negative I have on mine is the very basic method of adjusting the depth, with a crude gear/thumb wheel against and toothed track. The base is still stiff and tough to adjust, but I've managed.

    On the new R2401 the design is improved in many ways.

    Thanks again,



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      Re: Ridgid R2401 laminate trim router

      I just got this for Christmas and was wondering what the limits were. From reading your review it sounds like it will handle a lot small jobs before I need to look at getting g the full size routed. Over the last year I have switched to Ridgid on all of my cordless and electric tools. Everyone has preformed flawlessly, my next to get will be the mobile table saw.


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        Re: Ridgid R2401 laminate trim router

        The deal of the day I just jumped on. $109.00 delivered to my door! Regular price on the router alone is $129.00. Heard lots of great reviews on the router, don't know anything about the sander though.

        Happy New Year!

        Click image for larger version

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        "Good enough" isn't really "good"...


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          Re: Ridgid R2401 laminate trim router


          The trim router is quite nice, as you have read. The only negative that I know of is that the current model base doesn't accomodate "guide bushings", which the original model did. But with a bearing guided router bit, a guide bushing isn't necessary. This is afterall a 'trim" router.

          I use mine for cleaning up edges, rounding corners, etc. and I'm sure it can be used for a lot of other needs.

          Regarding the quarter-sheet sander, I have the original model which I like. I had to have it serviced only once because of an internal part failure (it spit whatever it was out). But under the LLSA, that was painless. So don't forget to register your two tools for the "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement"... you'll need a copy of your sales receipt and the UPC cut from the product carton!

          The only complaints that I've read with the Qtr Sheet Sander is that the clamping springs may not hold the paper well. Not sure what model version that may apply too.

          Best wishes for the New Year,