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Wheel barrow compressor PROBLEM!

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  • Wheel barrow compressor PROBLEM!

    I have a gas wheelbarrow compressor, 9 gallon, model # GP90135A.

    One of the torpedo's fills up and the other doesn't.

    Along with that...will not power any air tools. No air comes out of the connections.

    Someone help, please.

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    Re: Wheel barrow compressor PROBLEM!

    Can we presume that you've opened the drain valves on both tanks to make sure that moisture hasn't accumulated and that there is in fact air in the tanks?

    If you are still under warranty, you can take it to your nearest service center (or pay them, if it is not). But you should hopefully have a compressor service facility somewhere near you.

    Basically, it's a matter of troubleshooting to find out exactly where any failure of blockage may be... a little tough to do with the information provided and not having the compressor here in front of me.

    Which tank is pressurizing, I presume it is the first tank which is fed by the compressor outlet tube. Then, is there a transfer hose from tank 1 to tank 2? I presume there must be, unless the compressor outlet is piped directly to both tanks, which I doubt.

    If it is just the second tank that is not pressurizing than the problem may be the transfer piping is plugged or that particular tanks "check valve" (if equipped) has failed, perhaps it is stuck closed and not allowing air to pass into that particular tank.... but, are you sure that the tank has not accumulated condensate water?

    If it is the 2nd tank (and I'm presuming that the air passes from the compressor to tank 1 and then tank 2 and that the final air connections are piped from tank 2), that is not pressurizing, and the air service connections (quick-connects on the panel) are from the second tank, then that is why you don't have air pressure for your tools.

    Too much to presume on my part, with not seeing the unit first hand. Compressor can be dangerous, if you are not familiar with their workings or are not mechanically proficient. If you are, then just follow the piping/tubing through the assembly from the compressor outlet connection to the various components.

    Sorry this isn't more helpful, but at this point everything is sort of vague,