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12" Miter MS12900 clamps and possible add-ons?

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  • 12" Miter MS12900 clamps and possible add-ons?

    After my contractor father pointed out the used 2400 table saw I bought had blade wobble and getting square cuts wasnt going to happen....I hawked in on craigslist for a $60 profit and "borrowed" his MS12900 sliding 12" miter saw. Guess it was a Home Depot return.

    It's a beast and the cuts are amazing. Only thing is its missing the blade guard....not a big deal, doesnt have the side hold downs and no laser.

    Anyone know where I can find the hold downs? Replacement part sites want $30 a piece for a crappy little hold down. I'm trying to figure out how I can fab one up.

    Also, its a 1" arbor so I have to go with Laserkerf if I want to. Looks nice and I like the laser coming all the time, not just when the saw starts.