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    Took my new 13 inch planer (mod #R4331) to service center for loud bearing noise on 9 July 2012. As of today 27 Aug 2012 almost 2 monts later I still have no planer. Service tech always has an excuse why i do not have it back!

    So much for ridgid service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never again will I buy a ridgid product.

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    Re: Factory Service

    I always send my stuff to the Ridgid facility in Ohio and have received good service.


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      Re: Factory Service

      I have heard so much good and bad about the Ridgid service centers. It would behoove Ridgid to scrutinize these businesses and make them pass muster so that all customers enjoy a frustration free encounter. Standardize policy, please.
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        Re: Factory Service

        The Ridgid Service Center issues have been going on for almost a decade now. From my viewpoint, I can see no rhyme or reason in their system of deciding where to put one. You can check in some areas and they have multiple locations within 10-20 miles of each other. In my case, I have to drive about 50 miles or so to get to the nearest one which is in a town of 9200 people. The metropolitan area that I live in has an approximate population of 500,000 people yet we don't a service center. If I was using my tools to make a living with, LLSA or not, the lack of a service center in my backyard would be enough to deter me from buying Ridgid/TTI tools.

        To the OP, it looks like you have a number of Service Center in your area. Have you checked with another one to see if they can do a better job of taking care of your problem?
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          Re: Factory Service

          I have no idea of the criteria that Ridgid is basing its selection on. In the past few years, I have seen my "local" change at least three times. The only one that I ever visited was just south of me at my home in Painted Post.... that's right, this little dink town in NY's southern tier! I went looking for it and it was down the old river road south of "Lindley".... that's an "area", not even a town. I passed it three times! It was nothing more than very small yard building, about 10 x 12 feet, which sat up on the bank above this old country 2-lane. Guy was nice, but I was shocked. HIs basic business was small engine repair. Said that Ridgid had contacted him. Well, I don't think he lasted more than a few months. For my sander problem it took him a few weeks to get the parts. Good job though!

          Before that, the Service center was up in Syracuse, while they did a great and fast job of turning around my 3-base Ryobi router, a year later they "no longer wished to do business with Ridgid". After my little local guy, I noted that the nearest was then in "Oneota".... but now I see they are gone too.

          A quick check of the nearest to my Binghamton address shows a half dozen of more within a 100 miles. The nearest being up near Cortland, which is a "Cycle Shop".... interesting! Similar to Badger Dave, I live in a fairly decent metro area (Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, Vestal).... hey, we even have a Harbor Freight, but NO Ridgid Service Center! Why is that? It seems that there is a "disconnect" somehow and I'm of the impression that parts and payment seems to be a possible challenge. I'm left wondering how much a PIA it is to be in this service, and whether it is worth a person's while.

          But, for the Rpondanround,

          Have they given you any valid reason for the delay? Have you made a call to Ridgid Customer Service, or made any attempt to see the Ridgid rep who visits your local Home Depot on a regular basis? Home Depot may even be able to help you, or at least let you know when the rep will be in.



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            Re: Factory Service

            This thread prompted me to see how many Ridgid service centers are within 20 miles of my home. There are 4. Two are tool repair shops. One is a small-engine repair shop.

            And the last one claims, "We fix everything." I'm not certain that they can really do that, but the opening sentence at their website could certainly use a little fixing:
            We bost years of expereince in all fasits of tool repair.