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Ridgdi 18V JobMax console user review

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  • Ridgdi 18V JobMax console user review

    I have no clue why this particular tool is not sold at Home Depot but is only available via the Home Depot
    website! You get free shipping but still pay sales tax and have about a 5-7 day wait for delivery.

    When registering this tool you will find some confusion regarding the model number!

    Tool only: on the box R2860, on the tool R2860 series E, on the manual R2860, and on the dashboard
    when registering it you'll see model R286004.....Why is this ?

    I have no clue but this is not unique to just this tool model number. Ridgid can't explain this oddity to me!

    The multi-tool head is registered separately and is called a flex-head. model R8223404.
    This is the number on the tool head and on its manual. The dashboard recognizes it as the 12V model.

    It seems the flex-head is also designated to be used with model series: A, B, C, D, E.
    I suspect series E is the new 18V series JobMax.

    The weight is as follows: Tool alone 1lb 3.4oz, flex head with blade 13.3 oz, X4 18V 3AH battery 1lb 9.2oz
    This totals to 3lbs 9.9oz or just a bit over 3 1/2lbs.
    As a comparison the corded tool with the flex head and blade comes in at 3lb 4.1oz.

    The 18V JobMax model includes a belt hook which'll need a #1 Robertson bit [sq drive] to secure it.

    The 18V JobMax is well balanced and has a comfortable grip. When you engage the trigger you'll
    hear a slight high pitch tone..don't worry about it. It has a soft start and it's very smooth allowing you
    to be right on your cutting mark.

    When running at maximum speed there is minimal to no vibration in the grip.
    Battery run time is excellent but I did not do any run time tests. I only cut some PVC 3/4" pipe and
    sliced through a 1x2. Do make sure you secure the blade tightly to the flex head!

    The 18V tool is quieter than the corded model.

    This unit has an interesting LED light. It has its own on switch..that's "on only".
    You press the button and the LED will stay on for about 10 seconds then fade to off.

    The LED also comes on when you press the trigger and again it will stay on about 10 seconds
    after you release the trigger and it will fade to off.

    The LED illumination seems to be good. But.... yeah there's always a but!
    The placement of the LED's on only switch is in an awkward position. When you grasp the body of the tool
    and your fingers are on the trigger, you will more times than not initiate the LED on button with your
    fourth and fifth fingers.

    I am using a Porter Cable PC390K 5" orbital sanding case to store all my JobMax stuff.
    With minimal internal modifications [cutting and removing some dividers] I can store
    both the corded and 18V tool [without battery of course]. I also have room for 4 flex-heads, and
    two small nylon bags to hold my sanding stock and cutting blades. On the side I have room for
    the Allen wrench, adapters and other replacement spare parts.

    I'd say for serious usage stay with the corded model. For those times you're not near and outlet
    the 18V JobMax will not let you down and is very convenient..

    I have not used the 12V model but others have reviewed it.

    For the record..I do not work for Riidgid Tool or Home Depot. I'm simply
    a weekend warrior who really likes the 18V Ridgid line of battery powered tools.

    Oh...VERY IMPORTANT!!!! when you register your tool print out the dashboard sheet, cut the UPC
    code from the box!!!! Make photocopies of both....Make sure you have your internet purchase receipt and
    the shipping receipt that comes with the tool. Copy those receipts too! Be sure you keep photocopies of

    Ridgid does give you detailed instruction as to how to register your tools! Just registering the
    tool on the dashboard WILL NOT INITIATE THE LSA that clear? You must mail in the appropriate
    documentation before the 90 day warranty expires to register for the LSA program! After the 90 days you're
    just out of luck!

    This means you must register this within the 90 day warranty period. The LSA will provide unprecedented
    protection coverage of all defects in workmanship or materials and normal wear items for the lifetime of the
    original registered owner.....

    If you need motor brushes they will cover it, the switch breaks they will fix it..etc.etc. If you drop it from
    the roof of a building or leave it in the back of your truck in the rain you're out of abused it and
    did not properly take care of the tool!!!!!!

    If you only register the tool on the dashboard you will only get the 90 day and three year warranty..
    but keep copies of your sales receipt to be safe!

    Send original documents and UPC code to Ridgid tool..they give you this specific information on the
    dashboard registration and with the documentation you get with the tool!

    I also strongly suggest you mail it registered return receipt requested..This will give you a paper trail
    should the need for warranty or LSA support be required.

    Do the above and you won't be here a year from now whining about how bad tool support is!!!!!

    Cactus Man