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rewire table saw back to 110

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  • rewire table saw back to 110

    k so i swithced it over to 220 (the table saw)
    i put in a better cord from switch to power
    so long ago dont even remember doing it
    just moved cant find owners manual
    anybody know of a pic i can find to switch back
    to 110 for a couple weeks
    till I get 220 in the garage

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    Re: rewire table saw back to 110

    if you provide the model number may be able to find a PDF Of the manual,

    but under the motor electrical cover most likely is a wiring diagram, of the motor leads, and then the 120 plug,


    10" Cast Iron Table Saw R4512
    about page 9
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      Re: rewire table saw back to 110

      Make sure the wires are large enough to handle the motor on 115 volts.