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R4512 Trunnions Will Not Move

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  • R4512 Trunnions Will Not Move


    I've just finished spending the evening wrestling with my new table saw and have been unable to get the trunnions to budge in the heeling process. When I checked the alignment initially, it was out by +/- 0.012" and I decided to improve on that.

    I have been attempting to heel the blade as follows:
    -loosen three bolts and just lightly loosen the fourth to pivot around
    -tap with a hammer and block
    -check with dial gauge on a marked spot on the blade
    -the positive stops for the bevel are removed
    -the blade is 1/4 turn down from the top

    At this point, I can't get it back to anywhere closer than +/-0.030". The back trunnion (near the access panel,) needs to move left and seems to have the ability to move, however it has run out of room in that direction. The front trunnion would need to move right, however it won't move in any direction. I'm afraid of hitting the trunnions too hard as I have not done this before, but based on how easily the back trunnion moves to the right, the front one should move similarly.

    Can someone please provide some troubleshooting?