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R4512 table saw starting issue, please help!

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  • R4512 table saw starting issue, please help!

    Hi everyone,

    New guy here. I have a R4512 that is about 5 months old. I'm an amateur hobbyist woodworker, and the saw has maybe 1 to 1.5 hours of total run time since I bought it. Until today, it has run like a champ and made perfect cuts.

    After making several cuts on it today, it all of a sudden stopped working. When I flip the power switch on, the blade starts spinning, but it never gets up to full speed. It sounds like the motor is laboring. After 5-10 seconds of trying to get up to full speed, it trips the breaker. I don't think it is an electrical supply issue since it has run fine for several projects without ever tripping the breaker, even when doing rip cuts on 3/4" plywood.

    I thoroughly cleaned out the cabinet of sawdust (which I do from time to time to keep it from building up), but this did not help. The belt still seems to have good tension and appears to be riding squarely on the pulleys.

    I registered for the Lifetime Service Agreement with Home Depot, so I'm hoping if it's something major they will take care of it. But I'm right in the middle of building my soon to be son a dresser and desperate to get it wrapped up. So I thought I would check on here and see if anyone has come across this issue and could give me some advice.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: R4512 table saw starting issue, please help!

    perhaps a start capacitor? and your LSA is with ridgid (actually, one world technologies, builder of your saw under agreement with HD who licenses the ridgid name for certain power tools from the ridge tool company (have i got that right?)). i'd remove the motor and get it to an authoriized repair shop pronto. it should be repaired under either the 3 year warranty or the LSA, depending on it's age.
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