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Question about R86006 Cordless Drill

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  • Question about R86006 Cordless Drill

    Hi Everyone,

    So I have a couple questions about these drills, Im in the market for a new drill and have my heart set on the Makita but a really good deal came up on a R86006 so Im considering it.

    First question is, does this drill have a brushless motor? Also, in the info spection it says "High impact torque", this isnt an impact driver so is that just nonsense jargon?

    Lastly, Ive read in some places that Rigid has some issues with their batteries not lasting very long and needing to be frequently replaced, is that true?

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    Re: Question about R86006 Cordless Drill

    can't speak to the first 2 questions, but if you register your new tool with ridgid's lifetime service agreement (LSA), the tool, including batteries, will be repaired for life for free. parts and labor. BUT, you have to bring it to an independently owned authorized repair shop and, unfortunately, that's the program's weak point. not all independent shops perform to the same standard, so some users experiences with repair shops have been less than stunning, and some have been wonderful. my experiences have fallen into teh wonderful camp, so i'm a big ridgid fan.
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      Re: Question about R86006 Cordless Drill

      Well the tool is a private sale, still brand new but almost a year old, though the guy says he still has a copy of the receipt, not sure if it wouldnt be too late to register for that service plan, also I live quite a ways from a major city and these service centers tend to me few and far between so chances are I would have to drive an hour or two to get to one and that just doesnt work for me.

      Honestly Im a little wary of the drill, while Rigid makes great plubing tools their power tools seem to fall on the list of tools to avoid quite frequently, Im just considering it because its half the price of what I'd pay for the Makita and moneys a bit tight.