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Ridgid R7000 drill

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  • Ridgid R7000 drill

    Some nimrod has opened the keyless chuck ALL THE WAY and we can not get it to close. We can see the little parts that are suppose to be sticking out to hold the drill bit, but they do not move. Help!

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    Re: Ridgid R7000 drill

    If the drill is under 3 years old or registered into the Lifetime Service Agreement then just take it to an Authorized Service Center. Click on the big black RIDGID at the upper LH corner of this page. Once the next screen comes up, click on SUPPORT at the top of the page to find the one nearest you. If the drill is still under warranty or is in the LSA Program it shouldn't cost you anything to have the chuck fixed or replaced. Mess with it yourself and chances are real good that it will cost you money to make things right.
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      Re: Ridgid R7000 drill

      You may want to try running the drill clockwise holding the chuck
      beware lots of torque
      If that does not move the chuck fingers then follow what Badger Dave suggested.

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