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Tk U Rigid, you are the BEST, beats Dewalt all to H...

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  • Tk U Rigid, you are the BEST, beats Dewalt all to H...

    I have always bought cheap cordless drills and they never last, I'm 58 so I have had a few.

    Two years ago I decided to buy a good one. I spent 2-3 days researching and was between Dewalt and Rigid. I researched Dewalts and Rigids service and warranty. I picked Rigid after I confirmed their lifetime warranty with a Rigid Rep.

    WHY did I buy Rigid? Rigid offered a lifetime warranty on drill/battery/charger combo, Dewalt didn't.

    Did Rigid Lifetime warranty really say what they mean? YES
    I had a battery go bad. I called Rigid the Rep told me to take it to Home Depot, they would test it and if bad replace it. I did that and I recieved my replacement battery in 2 days. Was it easy to deal with Rigid if a battery went bad? Yes, no problems what so ever.

    Other comments:

    During my research I read some complaints about the lifetime warranty not being honored. The reason those people didn't get the lifetime warranty honored is because they did not register their tools with Rigid. So if you buy a Rigid tool pack and don't register it, its your own fault if Rigid doesn't honor the lifetime warranty.

    NOTE: If you have to replace a bad battery, make sure you register the replacement or it will not be covered with the lifetime warranty.

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    Re: Tk U Rigid, you are the BEST, beats Dewalt all to H...

    good to hear of a positive service experience with the warranty. a couple of points of order though....your battery was replaced under the tool's 3 year warranty. ridgid does not currently offer a lifetime warranty on handheld and stationary power tools. they offer a lifetime service agreement (LSA) which, you correctly state, is a program into which en eligible tool must be registered by the tool's original owner.
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