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R869N Fluorescent Light Bare Tool. Great light but beware no lifetime warranty.

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  • R869N Fluorescent Light Bare Tool. Great light but beware no lifetime warranty.

    I have purchased many Ridgid tools since 2005 that have provided me great service and I have exchanged at least 12 batteries under the lifetime warranty. I have 2 or more of all my Ridgid tools as I have a home in CA and ID. Being a home owner I don’t get the use out of tools that a contractor would get so the lifetime battery is the big reason I choose Ridgid. Batteries just go bad over time and are very expensive.

    I purchased the X3 fluorescent light Bare Tool for home repairs and for camping. It is a little expensive for a fluorescent light but the lifetime warranty makes up for the difference in cost between a Coleman or Eveready lantern. It is nice to be able to use the multitude of Ridgid lifetime warrantied rechargeable batteries that I own instead of expensive alkaline D batteries that my Coleman fluorescent lights use.

    My real problem is I purchased this light on December 17, 2011 from Home Depot’s website because it is listed to have the lifetime warranty on the Home Depot and Ridgid websites. The light was shipped to me on December 23, 2011. I received the light in a box that had Ridgid’s lifetime logo on the box and registered the tool on line and mailed the UPC, receipt and filled out warranty form to Ridgid on January 5, 2012. I know that it can take several months to have the warranty change from 3 years to lifetime. I checked the warranty on April 20, 2012 and the light still had the 3 year warranty so called Ridgid and was told to give the light more time for the status to change to lifetime.

    I checked on the warranty on Sep 12, 2012 and the status was still 3 years. I called Ridgid and talked to Teresa. She informed that even though their website and the Home Depot website states a lifetime warranty that this light only gets a 3 year warranty. She would not listen to me, was of no help and a little rude. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to Andrea Jones phone. I left 2 messages for her and as of Oct 7, 2012 she has not returned my call.

    This is a little scary for me as I have always given Ridgid the first opportunity to make a sale on any tool knowing their tools sets and bare tools carry a lifetime warranty LSA. Now I am told it does not matter what the website says you may not be able to get the tool registered under the LSA. I have dealt with Tim Beasley several times and really enjoyed working with him. Is he still with Ridgid and is there a way to call Ridgid and get directly to a person that can rectify this situation? Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: R869N Fluorescent Light Bare Tool. Great light but beware no lifetime warranty.


    Well I just looked at this product's web page and you are absolutely right, in that it clearly shows that it is eligible for the "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement".

    So, I would call again... insist on speaking to someone of authority who is there and hopefully it will be someone different than the names you have already made or attempted to, contact.

    You DO have certain legal rights here. Hopefully you are not beyond the registration period or you have kept proof of your purchase receipt and the UPC etc.

    Although I haven't had an issue with Ridgid/TTI, I have had this kind of thing happen on other brand product purchases and having one of their customer support people insist that the warranty is less than stated. Because it is stated (and I'd make sure you have copies of that (screen prints or whatever), you can always go the extra lenght of filing a complaint with your State's Attorney General's office.... and I would mention that if a TTI rep tries to tell you the LLSA doesn't apply. The State AG's office doesn't take kindly to consumer fraud and you should get action almost immediately.

    A couple of years ago, I had a problem with a "sale", by a particular company (not Ridgid or TTI-affiliated) in which "inventory" was available at the full price, but mysteriously NOT available at the advertized sale price. I phoned the NY State AG and was given the number of the particular state's AG... all it took was a phone call and the situation was straightened out within a couple of days. Like I said, "fraud" of any type is illegal, and what is advertized must be what is properly delivered.

    I hope this helps, and good luck,



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      Re: R869N Fluorescent Light Bare Tool. Great light but beware no lifetime warranty.

      CWS, Thanks for the advice.

      I did call twice and got Teresa both times. I was transferred to supervisor Andrea Jones extension both times. I left a message for her to call both times. It has been over 3 weeks and she has not returned my calls. I did manage to get Andrea’s extension (6001) but I do not have a telephone number where I can get directly to the extension.

      I did keep copies of the 4 items I sent Ridgid. 1. The original UPC. 2. The printout of the on line registration. 3. The LLSA form that came with the light. 4. The Home Depot sales receipt with the arrow pointing to the light.

      I am hoping that someone on the forum knows a way of getting to someone that has the authority to correct the situation. I really don’t want to resort to legal means. I own over 50 Ridgid tools and chargers not to mention the multitude of batteries to support them. I am sure if I can get to someone with authority they will see me as a good loyal Ridgid customer and want to resolve the situation. I have had great experience with the customer service department at Ridgid until recently. It seems Ridgid has hired some new people and I have not been impressed with their people or professional skills. I am a software engineer by trade with good people skills. My latest position had me working for Danaher’s largest medical device company with Customers, Field Service, Technical Support and other customer first contact departments to resolve problems requiring the aid of the Development Engineering Department. In my experience resolving issues of this nature requires getting to someone with the authority to correct the situation and/or assign the right people to resolve the situation.

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        Re: R869N Fluorescent Light Bare Tool. Great light but beware no lifetime warranty.

        I have been put in touch with a Ridgid Product Manager. He listened to my situation and checked into the LSA for the X3 Light. He got the status of my X3 light updated to LLSA and did confirm that these X3 lights are eligible for the LSA. My faith in Ridgid has reaffirmed!


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          Re: R869N Fluorescent Light Bare Tool. Great light but beware no lifetime warranty.

          This is yet one more instance where TTI/OWT is guilty of trashing both the RIDGID name and reputation. Then again, it's pushing 10 years now that Ridge Tool has allowed situations like this to exist so maybe they too just don't care?
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