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Brad Nailer Problem

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  • Brad Nailer Problem

    Good morning! I am new to this forum and "nail gunning" in general. I hope you don't mind but I have a problem that you smart people may help me with.

    I recently purchased a Ridgid R213BNA Brad Nailer to install a lot of baseboard in our house. Here is my problem: After firing a brad successfully, on the second shot I just get a little puff of air. I can disconnect the nailer from the air hose, re-attach and then fire another good shot. But once again after firing just one brad, the second attempt just produces a little puff of air but no brad discharge.

    I have tried different pressures on my compressor, but I always get the same results of firing only one brad and then having to disconnect the air hose and re-connecting to fire another.

    Is this "operator error" or do you think I might have a defective unit?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Re: Brad Nailer Problem

    I'm pretty sure it's not operator error. The first thing I'd try would be to replace the quick connect coupling if you're using one. If that doesn't improve anything then hopefully your purchase was within the last 90 days and you can take it back for another nailer.
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      Re: Brad Nailer Problem

      Thanks for the advice. I will try that.

      BTW - Love your picture of Bucky Badger!! My sister-in-law lived in Milwaukee for quite a few years and is Packers and everything Wisconsin. I especially loved the cheese curds when we would visit.


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        Re: Brad Nailer Problem

        Make sure the trigger selection is set to single or multi fire and not twisted sideways, that happens once and a while to me. its the small orange little selector on the side of the trigger, you push on the round side and then the diamond side can be turned to the one nail or 3 nail indicator.