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New Portable Table Saw Problems

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  • New Portable Table Saw Problems

    Hello All,

    I am new to this forum. I recently decided to buy the power tools I have always wanted. A table saw R4510, miter saw MS1290, portable miter saw stand AC9945, Oscillating Edge Belt / Spindle Sander EB4424, and I also bought a Ridged Shop Vac for dust collection. I don't have a dedicated workshop so I wanted tools I could keep in the garage and easily roll out and use when needed. I will have to build a stand with locking casters for the sander.

    Like other people I was partially swayed by the life time warranty. I don't have a truck so I went to the store and bought the tools but had to remove them from the boxes to get them in the car. Today I set about recording all the serial numbers and sat down to register all my new toys. Then I learned that I had to cut the UPC code off the boxes to get the LSA. Now what do I do??? Many of the HD sales people mentioned the LSA but nobody told me to be sure to cut out the UPC, even after I mentioned that I would have to take the saws out of the boxes to get them in the car.

    I had not even tried turning any of these tools on yet. So Iwent out to try the table saw. I can't seem to get the Anti-Kickback Pawls out of the storage slot on the base of the saw. There are no instructions on how to do this. Should I be able to just pull it out of the slot?

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    Re: New Portable Table Saw Problems

    First of all, Welcome to the Forum! I hope you get some helpful responses to your dilemna. No offense but it's always a good idea to keep a box, packaging, instructions and receipt for at least a month or so. What if you had to do a return, changed your mind, etc? I'm sure this will all get resolved and enjoy using your new tools. Frank


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      Re: New Portable Table Saw Problems

      Hi Frank,

      I usually do keep boxes for expensive equipment but I just could not get it all in the car. It's good advice though, thanks.


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        Re: New Portable Table Saw Problems

        First thing I would do is call Ridgid CS and explain your situation about what you had to do to transport the saws home. Depending on your demeanor when talking to them, there is a good chance that they will understand your problem and try to find a solution. After all, this sounds like a recent purchase, not like someone trying months after the purchase.

        Hope this helps.



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          Re: New Portable Table Saw Problems

          Hi Ron,

          Thanks for the advice; I did call them this morning. When I explained the situation the representative told me to write a noteexplaining the situation and they would waive the requirement for the UPC codefrom the box. I also asked them if they needed the original receipts or wouldphoto copies be expectable. I was told that photo copies would be fine andadvised to also make photo copies for me because the receipts are printed onthermal paper and they would fade over time.

          They were also able to answer the question about the spreader plate removal.The plate on the base is only there to store the kick-back pawls. The actualplate stays inside the saw. I have not checked this yet but I will today.

          Very good advice and response from Ridgid Customer Support.



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            Re: New Portable Table Saw Problems

            I'll add this...
            send your documentation "registered with return receipt signature"
            Thus you'll have a paper trail as to when they received your papers!

            Be patient as it may take up to three months plus for everything to settle.

            Cactus Man


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              Re: New Portable Table Saw Problems


              Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

              As you have already experienced, this is a great forum with lots of very experienced members who are more than willing to share and provide good advice.

              I'm happy to hear that your phone call to Ridgid Customer Support was positive. You basically had what could have been a major disappointment regarding your application for Ridgid's "Limited Lifetime Service Agreement". Understand though, that the registration for the LLSA does take some time and turn-around is often four months or longer. Most importantly, it is up to YOU the customer to follow thru, occasionally checking to see what the status of the process is. If it "gets lost" somewhere out there, you could quite possibly loose out!!! I know there have been quite a few complaints in this regard, though I mayself have never had a loss with almost two-dozen registrations.

              So once again, welcome to the forum... and, keep checking on your LLSA app,



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                Re: New Portable Table Saw Problems

                Well I tried out the two saws and the iscillating sander. Everything works great. Now I'm ready to do some laminate flooring and other renos around our current home. In a couple of years I will be retiring and moving out of the city to somewhere quiet where we will buy a nice single family home that we can have some fun renovating.

                Thanks for all the advice.


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                  Re: New Portable Table Saw Problems

                  I have a problem with the R4510 'Soft-Start' circuit board behind the Power Switch on the front of the saw..
                  The circuit kicks off as soon as the saw reaches peak speed...
                  What would that be caused from...?? As a former 'Techie' I can only assume it is poor "design" Technology.. The saw has been used on about 12 job sites in two years, running on Generators.. Would it be because there is no 'overspike' Protection in the curcuit...?
                  I must assume so and replace with a Capacitor lag-start circuit, OR, just remove the circuit-board and take my chances.. I love the saw but on-site failures like this call into question the actual quality of the workmanship...


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                    Re: New Portable Table Saw Problems

                    From my experience, electronics and jobsite generators are a bad combo. I dont see why you couldn't bypass the softstart curcuit. It voids the warranty though if you care about that.


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                      Re: New Portable Table Saw Problems

                      Few years back I did a very long review of the R4510. Yours is the second problem like this I've seen posted on the forums. I wonder of the Bosch 4100 has such a surge or fluctuating power supply protection circuit. This would seem quite important for a jobsite saw running on generators. I haven't had to run off generators yet, but I am considering doing so in the near future as things pick up.

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                        Re: New Portable Table Saw Problems

                        Need to use a generator that produces clean power that is good for computers and other electronics.
                        Most of the newer inverter generators should be good but make sure before you buy. And my suggestion
                        is to stay away from the HF generators. You could use a power conditioner but one that would be rated
                        for a TS or other large amp draw would be prohibitively expensive.
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