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Ridgid R29302 Router (fixed/plunge combo) shaft protection

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  • Ridgid R29302 Router (fixed/plunge combo) shaft protection

    Hi there,

    I bought this router about 2 weeks ago and I am quite happy of my purchased.

    The only thing I don't like is the plunge shaft that tends to be stuck. I realized that there are no rubber protector on the two shafts. I am wondering if one of you guys added a kind of rubber thing around that to make it easier to work it? I would like to add a rubber protection to it and then add a little bit of grease.

    Another question I have is about the fixed base while mounted on a table. I built an insert for my R4510 table saw for the fixed base. Everything is working perfectly. I am just wondering if it is possible to adjust the height of the bit without opening the lock lever? What's the purpose of a "through the table adjustment" if you need to unlock a lever under the table?

    Thanks guys


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    Re: Ridgid R29302 Router (fixed/plunge combo) shaft protection

    The through the table adjustment is solely for the adjustment of the height of the bit once the motor has been unsecured from the base. I know of no way to release the motor from the base from above the table nor do I think any company offers such a router. If you really want to experience a fill your pants moment, forget to secure the locking lever and then turn on your router, DAMHIKT!
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      Re: Ridgid R29302 Router (fixed/plunge combo) shaft protection


      I presume you are talking about the two guide rods (or shafts) that the plunge mechanism rides upon? I don't see why any protection is needed on those, as long as you are taking care and not knocking the thing around or throwing it in with anything that is going to slam into it and possibly nick the shafts. The springs in the upper tube housing may be a little stiff however.

      My only dislike with my R2930 is that the lock lever is a little difficult to operate as I don't have particularly large hands... so the "throw" for the thumb is a stretch.

      Regarding the locking clamp on the fixed base, that is the function of it... to LOCK the height adjustment so it won't move. I believe that is how all fixed base routers work, at least the five or so that I have used over the years. I don't know how you would design it (or why you would need it to function that way) so the locking clamp wouldn't work!

      I've been using my "fixed base" in my Rockler table for a number of years now and it works great. I always use the "above table" T-handle and the locking lever has never posed a problem for me.

      Welcome to the forum and good luck with the new router... be safe!!!