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Smoking drill

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  • Smoking drill

    My dewalt drill used to let out all the magic smoke. I took out the back cover and cleaned out all the old shavings and dust. One of the brushes was frozen and wouldn't move foward. All is good now and the drill runs like a champ. Anyone know where to get more drill smoke?
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    Re: Smoking drill

    I haven't seen it at Home Depot in quite some time. Our local TSC (Tractor Supply) sells it in 20 gallon buckets... it can usually be found over where they keep those 50 gallon cans of steam, just across from the rolls of blue scrimmage line.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Smoking drill

      This is electronic smoke for cars, it may work,

      Check out Smoke In A Can, the revolutionary new product from the creators of the Diagnostic 8-Ball, Automotive Video! Everybody knows ‘that guy,’ you know, the one who crosses a wire or otherwise causes smoke to come out of a pricey ECM, PCM or other expensive electronic module. After all, today’s cars are laden with electronics and chances are you may already have been ‘that guy’ at one time or another.
      So with Smoke In A Can your worries are over, simply open a can and pour the smoke contents on the effected area. With Smoke in a Can you can put the smoke back in your electronics today!
      here is the web site for this product, and there is a infocomercial at the site as well and shows one how to put the smoke back into a "SMOKED" componet, say it is good for wires that have been smoked as well, Smoke In A Can from Automotive Video Automotive Video
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        Re: Smoking drill

        ben, wasn't i on the phone with you a couple days ago when this little critter went up in smoke

        isn't that enough smoke for the week

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        phoebe it is