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Ridgid Battery Warranty - A ploy to purchase their products!!

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  • Ridgid Battery Warranty - A ploy to purchase their products!!

    The Ridgid battery warranty is a JOKE. My batteries recently quit holding a charge and I just called Ridgid to find out the process of obtaining new batteries. After they verified that I registered my product online as instructed, they then told me that the registration process was not complete because they never received my receipt. I know I sent my receipt to them, and my question to them was “Why would I go through the online registration process but not submit my receipt?” They stated that they are not saying I did not submit my receipt, they just never received it. They went on to say I should have followed up with them to confirm they received my receipt……and then what, they would just deny receiving it anyway.
    This is a PLOY to get consumers to purchase their products. I know it is the sole reason I purchased the product, but I can honestly say that I will NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER RIDGID PRODUCT in my life. I guess they have never heard of customer service and returning customers.

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    Re: Ridgid Battery Warranty - A ploy to purchase their products!!

    If the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement was your "sole reason" for purchasing the Ridgid then why is heavens name didn't you do some follow up to make certain that your product was registered into the Program? I would think that when you didn't receive the email or card confirming your product was registered into the LLSA you might have asked yourself why that didn't happen. From you usage of capital letters in bold typeface I can just imagine how that call to Ridgid Customer Service went.
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      Re: Ridgid Battery Warranty - A ploy to purchase their products!!

      Like most warranty's, I fill out the respective online information, send in the receipt, and never receive a confirmation back, and have never had an issue. I am a very busy person, and most warranty’s or rebates are not even worth filling out and submitting, but if I had to follow up with the ones I do submit, I would never get any work done. I was on hold with Ridgid for 25 minutes today just waiting for a customer service rep, and that is not even accounting for the time that I spent on the phone with them.

      My question is, why would Ridgid not contact a customer that fills out the online registration who they do not receive the proper documentation from to let them know that they did not receive it?
      My product was registered at the time of purchase, and just because they “did not receive the receipt,” they will not warranty the batteries……..REALLY!
      I have a copy of the receipt, but I guess that is not good enough…..And your assumption is correct, the call was not good.


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        Re: Ridgid Battery Warranty - A ploy to purchase their products!!

        It is a ploy. I realize that now after owning a few Ridgid drills. I stayed with them on my last drill purchase because of the warranty. I had replaced some 18V batteries under the LSA 2 years ago. Now those batteries have failed and need to be replaced. Problem I just learned is that my replacement batteries were never REGISTERED under my LSA because when I got them I did not know that I needed to re-register them. I guess I figured the authorized service center that needed all of my LSA info would have used that to let Ridgid know that I received two new batteries under the LSA. Also if you try and register just a replacement battery on your LSA it does not work if that battery was part of a combo kit! You have to re-register the entire combo kit, but if it is past 90 days from the purchase day then you cannot register a combo kit! So I needed to register replacement batteries into a system that won't let that happen. I have had Ridgid drils for nearly 20 years now and I guess it is more important for them to save the cost of two batteries than to keep a customer. I never thought I would say this but I am done with Ridgid.


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          Re: Ridgid Battery Warranty - A ploy to purchase their products!!

          I am now of the opinion that if you got forced out of Ridgid your life will become less stressful. I got the 24 volt kit some time ago and for the first year or so it was awesome. However I think with their lifetime warranty they have cut every corner they could to save money. The batteries I get under warranty now tend to last maybe a month or 2 if that before their lifespan becomes useless. Even the brand new ones have very short lifespans although they love to tell you they need to be "cycled" a few times before they realize their full potential. I think that is a delaying tactic now. When I go in to collect me new warranty battery, I simply drop off another one now. That way I at least have a couple to keep me going, kind of. I could use about 10 or 12 batteries now where once I only needed 2. I built my entire garage with 2 batteries in a drill, circ saw and sawsall. I cant go an hour now with 3.

          You can very easily find tons of contractors and forum posts about these crap batteries. Needing your charger at arms length doesnt make it a cordless tool, it makes it a pain in the arse. You also look like a doofus with a ridgid tool that dies every 5 minutes.

          Hear me Ridgid? Do you hear anyone? I guess it is Home Depot is trashing your name? I have held my breath a long time waiting for whatever it takes to make my kit functional again. Or a complete new kit if that is what it takes. Tools seem fine but the batteries really have to go.