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LLSA update letter

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  • LLSA update letter

    Not sure if you all have seen this already, but I just came across it today. Thought I'd share.

    Ridgid LSA Letter

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    Re: LLSA update letter

    When this first came out I suggested that it be made a sticky on this board. I still think that is a good idea.
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      Re: LLSA update letter

      LOL, I even did a search to see if someone had posted this already. FAIL!! I agree, sounds like a great idea!


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        Re: LLSA update letter

        Seriously? I have not received that letter from ridgid. Means I will have to re-register every month as I replace my batteries. I might follow my own advise as per my copy/pasta reply I am posting now. I only come on here once a year at most when I get fed up with the batteries again. (constantly) Maybe it is time to move on to another manufacturer now if Ridgid is going to play this kind of crap on everyone. And believe me, I will not NOT be coming back and will be making a serious effort to make sure other do not follow the ridgid path. Up to now the tools have been fine, the batteries are utter garbage though. My copy/pasta .....

        I am now of the opinion that if you got forced out of Ridgid your life will become less stressful. I got the 24 volt kit some time ago and for the first year or so it was awesome. However I think with their lifetime warranty they have cut every corner they could to save money. The batteries I get under warranty now tend to last maybe a month or 2 if that before their lifespan becomes useless. Even the brand new ones have very short lifespans although they love to tell you they need to be "cycled" a few times before they realize their full potential. I think that is a delaying tactic now. When I go in to collect me new warranty battery, I simply drop off another one now. That way I at least have a couple to keep me going, kind of. I could use about 10 or 12 batteries now where once I only needed 2. I built my entire garage with 2 batteries in a drill, circ saw and sawsall. I cant go an hour now with 3.

        You can very easily find tons of contractors and forum posts about these crap batteries. Needing your charger at arms length doesnt make it a cordless tool, it makes it a pain in the arse. You also look like a doofus with a ridgid tool that dies every 5 minutes.

        Hear me Ridgid? Do you hear anyone? I guess it is Home Depot is trashing your name? I have held my breath a long time waiting for whatever it takes to make my kit functional again. Or a complete new kit if that is what it takes. Tools seem fine but the batteries really have to go.