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Ridged not honoring lifetime service agreement

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  • Ridged not honoring lifetime service agreement

    Purchased a Ridgid drill sent in all the documentation received a lifetime service agreement verification letter in the mail. Two years later drills not working took it to a Ridgid service depot for battery warranty.Was told I have no coverage under the so called lifetime service agreement. I did keep copies of everything including the verification letter stating the drill, batteries and charger had all been registered under the lifetime service agreement. I have been fighting with them for days trying to resolve this issue. I can understand they need proper registration but I did that and received verification letter from Ridgid Customer service that my product was registered.Has this happened to others? Beginning to think their warranty is Bull!

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    Re: Ridged not honoring lifetime service agreement

    If you registered and then received a letter confirming then you should be all set. Have you checked your "dashboard" here on the Ridgid web site to make sure that some glitch might have taken you "off"?

    I can imagine that some glitch in the system database could give you a problem and therefore the service center can't confirm your LLSA. BUT, you still have the letter and should be able to contact Ridgid Customer Support and get this straightened out.

    One of the concerns I have is that although I have everything registered, that somewhere at sometime, some thing will foul up the system and I'm going to be left making the fight that you are presently facing. While I don't have any problems so far, I do have a number of now old tools and batteries that will someday need to be serviced under the LLSA. I'm hoping any glitches such as yours will not happen and if they do, can be easily remedied. But, "Customer Service" is the place to do it. From my perspective, if a Service Center can't find the record it's going to be between you and Customer Service and NOT up to the Service Center to get things confirmed.

    Good luck,



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      Re: Ridged not honoring lifetime service agreement

      that's why i printed each tool's dashboarrd record.
      there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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        Re: Ridged not honoring lifetime service agreement

        Did you take a copy or the actual letter with you to the service center? It's hard to believe they wouldn't honor the LLSA if you did that.
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          Re: Ridged not honoring lifetime service agreement

          Good to know you guys are reading this. Yes I did take the letter to the repair center
          they got back to me saying I did not have the LSA but with a receipt they should
          be able to cover it under the reg three year warranty. Funny the letter states that it is all
          I need to bring when needing service under the LSA. I call customer service its like they
          do not even hear you. They keep saying you did not submit proper documentation.
          The catch is I did as the LSA was the reason I purchased Ridgid. Made sure all was submitted
          on time and about 6 months later received a verification letter stating drill,batteries and charger
          where registered under the LSA I have faxed them a copy of the letter and am waiting to
          hear back.What really gets me is with phone calls and false Email addresses I have wasted
          a lot of time on this "better part of a whole day". The 200 dollar drill is hardly worth the time
          and frustration but it has come down to a matter of principle. I will keep you informed. I just can not believe the whole thing could not be resolved with a phone call even the guy at the repair
          shop argued with them for over a hour because I had the verification letter and it must have been
          an error on their part. But did not help at all.


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            Re: Ridged not honoring lifetime service agreement

            Service Centers typically put in HUGE time on Ridgid Warranties. Talk to a few people in them, Ridgid makes their eyes roll. I guess they must make something at it but my depot person just spent almost 2 hours trying to get my battery LSA warranty through. If I contracted like that I would go broke in a few days I think.