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Need help tearing down a Ridgid 400 series pipe threader

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  • Need help tearing down a Ridgid 400 series pipe threader


    After being a lurker on here for a while, I finally joined.

    Most of the my answers needed, already have a thread started on the subject.

    This is one that didn't show up in a search.

    I am working on a Ridgid series 400 pipe threader. We have it torn down as far as shown in the pictures but it has me stumped.

    This machine has a ball type thrust bearing, but the regular bearings are aluminum/babbit. It appears that the front bearing hasn't been greased since ?????

    I need to tear this apart so that I can re-machine the housing and put a new bushing in it.

    Can someone here tell me how to remove the front piece so that I can take out the spindle shaft?

    Any help will be appreciated,

    If you need more pics or info from me let me know,

    Thanks in advance,

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