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Bending 2.5" x 2.5" 3/16 thick angle iron?

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  • Bending 2.5" x 2.5" 3/16 thick angle iron?

    I recently disassembled my R4511 tablesaw to move it to another house. Since I am taking it apart, I went ahead and upgraded the fence front and back rails with 3/16" thick angle irons. They are 6' long each. I reassembled the saw today with the DIY upgraded rails and noticed that the angle iron has a slight curve to it. If you look straight at the saw from the front, the curve is along the horizontal axis. I put my 8 feet level on it and measured about 1/16" drop at one end of the angle iron from the level.

    Any idea how to can correct this? I have a few ideas but none are satisfactory.

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    Re: Bending 2.5" x 2.5" 3/16 thick angle iron?

    if the iron is bent before attaching then I would find a different piece of iron, that is straight, if you pulled it out of whack then I would shim or re drill the holes that are pulling it out of straight,

    to bend steel one will have to go past and re bend it the opposite way and then let it spring back, the problem is you have a 6 foot long piece and to control the bend is the problem and not make a bunch of small kinks in it,

    I would most likely consider using my truck putting the iron on the ground with block under each end of it or on the edges of the curve, and using a jack to press it down using the weight of the truck and possibly using a 2x4 or similar to spread the press zone wider if needed so,

    one of the problems is on angle iron the two legs of the angle may make it difficult to get it straight, as each leg may need to be stretched,

    the other way one may be able to do it to heat it up and then shrink it with a wet rag, but still difficult with the two legs,

    really replacement with a straight iron would be easiest,
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      Re: Bending 2.5" x 2.5" 3/16 thick angle iron?

      Thanks for the idea. I don't have a truck, but the Corolla works too. I applied pressure gingerly, straightening the angle iron over the course of a few dozen presses.
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