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  • Milwaukee Heated Jacket

    I'm looking at the Milwaukee 2345 Milwaukee Tool | Heated Gear | M12™ Cordless Black Heated Jacket Kit heated Jacket. Looks pretty awesome. Uses 12v or 18v battery, has a ipod and usb hook up to keep your phone charged. Can purchase an optional cigerette lighter power cord. The only thing it can't do is charge the battery when plugged into 12v supply.


    Anybody got any ideas for me?

    Anybody got any feedback for me on this jacket? I'm looking to use it for snowmobiling.

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    Re: Milwaukee Heated Jacket

    I have the old version I like it but don't believe 6 hrs a battery try an hour at full heat tops. The cc batteries last a lot longer. I like it thou.


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      Re: Milwaukee Heated Jacket

      whis they sold the air conditioned version for out here.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Milwaukee Heated Jacket

        I went and bought one today the new version was on sale for 189 with battery and charger. I haven't really tried it too much but next week it is supposed to be in the 30's so I'll give it a try then. One thing that I am a bit disappointed in. It says it has a usb or iphone connection. Which lead me to believe there was a cord or something in the pocket. Look closer and it says cord not included. What it has is a usb plug on the battery pack. So that means when I buy the cigarette lighter cord for snowmobile use there is no longer a usb to charge my phone while I ride. Also the led light is pretty bright and noticeable. I see everyone asking "what is that?" Too bad they didn't put the light or switch on the inside of the coat like they do for the camo version.


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          Re: Milwaukee Heated Jacket

          I like mine and what these were built for that I bought two of them!

          The runtimes I have on the M12 Red Lithiums are:

          On HIGH (RED Light) @ 2 Hours

          On MEDIUM (WHITE Light) @ 3 Hours

          On LOW (BLUE Light) @ 6 Hours

          These seem to be holding up just fine for my uses in my neck of the woods, though we don't get extreme cold weather conditions here as in other parts of the USA. The not included USB cord powers/charges my iPhone for 2 hours before shutting off, as in M12 battery needs charging.

          The other observations with these Milwaukee Heated Jackets is that they are well constructed and not "cheaply" looking and feeling. The rain drops beads on the outer shell though not that I'm out for prolonged periods of time as in hours in the rain. One does have to "hand wash" the jackets when it comes for cleaning. I did hand wash my red one already it turned out fine. There is slight pilling on the standup collar where my cheeks tend to rub against but not by that much which can easily be remedied.

          Overall I am quite satisfied with these jackets that I'm thinking of getting the Hi-Viz ones!