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Ridgid Twin Blade Circular Saw 5"

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  • Ridgid Twin Blade Circular Saw 5"

    My local Home Depot has a display model unit of one of these collecting dust on the clearance rack.

    I looked at it and it's marked down to $79.

    What would be the primary use for this tool?

    I have a circular saw I rarely use except to cut door edges off and cut plywood sheets a few time.

    I have a table saw to rip 2x4s and 2x6s for framing.

    I have an angle grinder and a recipricating saw to do other cutting.

    I also have a compound miter saw to cut lumber for trim work or framing.

    I also have a jigsaw which I have never used.

    So I can't think of a need for this one, but I have never used a twin blade saw.

    Is it's application basically similar to an angle grinder in cut mode but you can use it for wood?

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    Re: Ridgid Twin Blade Circular Saw 5"

    the advantage to the twin saw design is the ability to cut both metal and wood, along with plastics and not kick back. even plunge cutting is safe as the opposing blades pretty much eliminate a kick or a walk.

    i don't own the ridgid model, but the others i've owned have worked decent until they burned out. seems to have been a clearance issue between the blades that overloaded the motor.

    not sure if the ridgid will have this same issue. also remember that the replacement blades are not cheap.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Ridgid Twin Blade Circular Saw 5"

      This is a repeat from an older posting from me......

      I have one, I used it ....

      The concept is very clever!

      The design is much better than the other dual blade saws out there..

      For example this unit is friendly to a left handed user, while the other units are
      dangerous to use if you're left handed!
      It is also well balanced.

      The cuts are fine..the kerf though is 1/4" [well 2 1/8 blades]

      The lubricant feeder when cutting metal is still a poor design and does
      not work well.

      I have cut 2" square steel tubing, 2" copper pipe and 3" PVC with this tool. The tool does cut quickly.
      PVC had a ton of burrs to clean up, copper and steel cut nicely but I did
      struggle at first to keep the blades on my cut line. Keeping the cut straight too can be a challenge.

      remember to allow a 1/4" kerf when measuring your cut!

      Convenience? I must admit if you have a good quality reciprocating saw you can probably accomplish
      just about every task the dual saw can.

      I'm a weekend warrior and can not describe specific usage in the professional work arena.

      Cactus Man

      New.... Since I purchased the R3250 I've used it twice..and likely just to justify the purchase.


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        Re: Ridgid Twin Blade Circular Saw 5"

        I saw this on clearance at one of my local stores. Almost jumped at it because I needed to cut out the sill plate of existing walls (while leaving the studs intact), but the fixed depth isnt deep enough for it.

        Couldnt really think of any other place I would use it so I passed. And I VERY RARELY pass on a tool with a yellow price tag.