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R84001 and new batteries.

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  • R84001 and new batteries.

    First of all, I am happy with my drill. I have had it for years, trouble free. As with all batteries these are starting to go bad or have gone bad. I have a R84001

    The batteries: 130252004 / G0532 ..

    My question is.. Can I use the newest Lit - Ion batteries in this drill?

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    Re: R84001 and new batteries.

    In a word.."YES"
    When you upgrade to the lithium-ion battery I strongly suggest you go to the newest design known as the X-4 series.
    You can choose a 1 1/2AH or a 3AH rated battery.

    The critical part is to ensure your existing charger will work with the new batteries.
    If you charger says LI-ION or multi-chemistry on the front decals you're fine.

    Otherwise, I suggest you also purchase the newest [4th generation] charger.
    It's about $49.00 or even less on E-bay

    Cactus Man