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Dashboard and warranty questions

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  • Dashboard and warranty questions

    I have two questions regarding the way information are organized on the dash board.

    First, I am trying to make a hard copy print of the dash board but the portion on top (the dark color customer ID "strip") do not show up on the print. All I am getting is the photo of the guy holding the nail gun and the information that follows. I would like to have a copy with my customer ID & name showing all the warranties for my records and also to take it to a service center for them to verify. Anyone know of a way to print out this information?

    Second, I had an tool battery purchased about a year ago and it has a 3 year warranty. Recently I had it replaced. I had to call into Ridgid LSA processing department to register my replacement battery. To my surprise, they did not DELETE my old battery, but ADDED a new battery with a new serial number. The thing is, the new one says "PURCHASED: N/A" and "REGISTERED: 10.26.12". Now does that mean I have three more years from 10.26.12? I told them the date I purchased it, in fact it was still with the old battery it replaced. Why didn't they transfer that information?

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    Re: Dashboard and warranty questions

    How did you try and print the screen? If you are in Windows, you should be able to do a print screen (PrtSc) and paste it into Paint or MS Word and print from there. Also, there is a free screen capture program called PicPick which can capture the screen or a portion of the screen and save it in several formats such as jpeg.


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      Re: Dashboard and warranty questions

      See my post in the open discussion.


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        Re: Dashboard and warranty questions

        I (to test your question) tried to use the Windows print preview once I was logged in to my dashboard and got the same result as you.

        This could be a glitch in your browser (and mine). I'm using Vista/IE8.

        Using a screen capture program like Snag-it or using the Windows Prnt-Scrn key will work as was suggested, just takes a couple more steps.
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          Re: Dashboard and warranty questions

          Maybe its just a safeguard designed into the print program to keep your identity and Customer ID number a little more secure. If needed, matching the Serial Number and Model Number should be enough to identify the tool as yours.
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