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  • Ridgid generator mods

    I already have one mod on the list....adding a remote choke.

    I would like my next mod to be building an enclosure for it. There is a video on youtube of someone that bought a plastic deck storage box and turned it into an enclosure. Very elegant solution, cuts way down on noise, etc.

    The only issue is that they used one of the 120V outlets from the gen for a cooling fan. The Ridgid gensets only have 120V on the remote panel. In my setup, that remote panel will always be separated from the generator itself.

    Any ideas on how to power something 120V *at the generator* with the remote panel NOT at the generator? Its too bad they didnt just leave one receptacle behind. Im guessing I can tap into one side of the 240V feed but Im sure that starts to bring up safety issues.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Ridgid generator mods

    1) Even with a fan, even with a couple of fans, the ambient temp in a full enclosure such as that will probably exceed what's healthy for the engine. Trust me, I've worked on hundreds of these and have yet to find one run in a full enclosure that didn't suffer drastically reduced engine lifespan. These generators are designed to be run in an open environment. Engine failure related to excessive heat WILL NOT be covered under warranty, and we technicians can spot it a mile off no matter what kind of story you tell us.

    2) Yes, you can tap into one of the 120 windings at the gen head, but you will have bypassed all overload protection and created a hazard.
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      Re: Ridgid generator mods

      Enough said!

      In good weather I can leave it farther out in my yard so noise is less of an issue. In bad weather I keep it in my covered breezeway so it stays dry but then the noise is a little more of an issue. Hardly a big deal, it sure beats being without power!


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        Re: Ridgid generator mods

        you can probably build an enclosure with sides that either can be removed or opened up, so all it is basically when operating is a rain cover,

        I know some have used a Rubber maid trash shed/enclosure, see link for picture of one being used, as a small generator shed,
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        other trash enclosure that may give one some ideas,
        trash enclosure - Google Search
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