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Oscillating Saw Blades?

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  • Oscillating Saw Blades?

    Wondering others' opinion on who makes the best replacement blades for oscillating cutting tools?

    I have a Bosch corded one. Seemed the flat-wood saw one lost teeth and started getting smoky prematurely.

    Round one wore longer, but now is getting smoky too. Used primarily on drywall with an occasional stud strike on the backside.

    Anyway, thanks for any experiences or opinions.

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    Re: Oscillating Saw Blades?

    Initially I used the Harbor Freight blades mostly due to the cost. When I wasn't getting the life out of them that I thought I should I switched to the Bosch. I've been happy with the Bosch, hobbyist usage, and feel the extra life I receive from them over the HF blades actually makes them less expensive in the long run.
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      Re: Oscillating Saw Blades?

      Go to E-bay

      I have used blades from Fitzall and Diamond very successfully.
      They list on E-bay and their prices are reasonable as well as their products are
      of decent quality.

      The blades really do not last a very long time, especially if you force the cut.
      Smoke means you're not patient and you're pushing the cut to quickly.

      Let the weight of the tool and minimal force from you do the cut.

      Think of it as the speed you're feeding the wood in a band saw or table saw.
      Too fast or too slow will result in poor results....It's the same
      concept with oscillating saw blades.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: Oscillating Saw Blades?

        Cactus Man is absolutely right. When I started letting the tool do the work, and stopped forcing it, I easily tripled the blade life. And as a side benefit, I was also able to extend my battery run-time when I stopped making the tool work so hard. I've noticed a measurable increase in run-time with both 12V and 18V batteries, but especially with the little 12-volt JobMax batteries.



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          Re: Oscillating Saw Blades?

          ebay is the only way to go. make sure you cross reference the right tool fit. they have some they claim are a universal fit.

          do the auction thing. much better chance for a good buy than the buy it now prices.

          phoebe it is