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Rigid R855 24v Circ Saw inop

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  • Rigid R855 24v Circ Saw inop

    The other day I went to use my circ saw and it made a sound then quit, it was 30 degrees outside. Something broke or sheered off inside. When depressing the power button, nothing happens, no sound or movement. Additionally, the blade turns when spun, yet has resistance.

    Did the shaft break? THe motor break? Any ideas on where to have someone help me figure it out? I'm in Alaska so no service centers or repair shops nearby.

    It is nearly unused, but prolly out of warranty.


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    Re: Rigid R855 24v Circ Saw inop

    The obvious thing to check would be the battery first. Hopefully if it isn't the battery it's just a bad switch which will probably require a trip to the service center.
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      Re: Rigid R855 24v Circ Saw inop

      I took the handle apart, put it back together and it works! Guess it was the switch! DOH! Much cheaper than a service call even if it might be temporary.