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  • Framing Nailer

    Looking for opinions on the best Framing Nailer, prefer angled.
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    Re: Framing Nailer

    I have a 22 degree Bostitch and I dis like the trigger greatly, (there is no feel or feed back from it) my SIL likes his Senco better than my Bostitch,
    my first nailer was a Berryfast, I loved that machine,

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ADDED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I like the machine the Bostitch I have a framing nailer and roof nailer, and a stapler, (just do not like the trigger in comparison to the old berry fast or haubold stapler, they were more mechanical, in nature, but there were made over 30 years ago, as well,
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      Re: Framing Nailer

      You may want to visit the entire line of Ridgid nailers.
      With the offering of the LSA program you'd be ahead of the game.

      During the past year or so I replaced all my nailers with Ridgid...
      As a weekend warrior they perform well.

      The limiting factor to you and any specific brand may be clipped VS full head nails.
      availability of the nails for the specific gun, and the weight of the tool.

      I still have a Craftsman pneumatic stapler and a Liker pin nailer.

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        Re: Framing Nailer

        I guess my first question is 'how often will it be used' ? If every day or frequently weekly I would suggest a known and proven name brand. If only occasionally perhaps one of the cheaper or lesser brands.

        I built my own shed/workshop 11x20, with loft, strong enough to drive a car up the ramp and into the enclosure. Basic construction was all done, including the roofing shingles, with Central Pneumatic (aka AutoZone, mom n pop hardware store, Harbor Freight) nail guns.

        I put boxes of nails through each gun. I found them to be reliable and durable. BUT, I don't use them in a professional scene.

        Any tool will treat you well if you treat it right. My air compressor has a drier and oiler installed as part of the regulator. I also didn't drop the stuff from great heights.

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          Re: Framing Nailer

          Thanks for the responses guys, Not a pro but occasional use. Already have other stapler,brad nailer etc..
          Basement project coming soon and since I have yet to obtain a framing nailer for the old tool collection, now is the perfect time.
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            Re: Framing Nailer

            We've beaten the crap out of our ridgid nailers and they keep on going. I have 3 ridgid framing nailers. The "A" model was clunky and heavy but the "d" model is lighter and has a smaller nose. The new "e" (iirc) is even smaller and lighter and has a two piece nose that makes clearing jammed nails easier. The clipped head nailer will shoot the pasload full round nails approved for clipped head nailers without issue. R350CHA/D/E are the models.


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              Re: Framing Nailer

              Customer that is a full time framer swears by Hitachi. Story he told me:

              DeWalt came out with their framing gun and came by his job wanting him to give it a try. He's up in the rafters on a second story. Guy climbs the ladder and hands him the DeWalt. He unhooks the compressed air from his Hitachi and THROWS IT TO THE GROUND. Then hooks up the DeWalt and shoots a couple of nails. Tells him it works fine. Then THROWS IT TO THE GROUND.

              Said you could see parts come off it. Then he sends one of his guys to go get both of them. The DeWalt will not work. Then he plugs in the Hitachi and it works without a hitch just as before.

              He then goes on to explain to the rep that it is not a question of "if" but "when" a nail gun will dropped from a high elevation and if it's going to stop the job or not.

              That DeWalt rep was pissed.


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                Re: Framing Nailer

                Oh mine have took the fall to the ground a few times, still going. BTW, I have a Hitachi siding nailer... well two of them, and thats because one has a nose that decided to split in two, and the other because there wasn't another brand available at the time i needed it. First gun was less than 2 years old.


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                  Re: Framing Nailer

                  I got the new Bosch framer to build a shed. It's lighter than most and I had no malfunctions. I've used older Hitachis and the older version Ridgid framer and the Bosch really impressed me, pricey though at around $275.