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Difference between the WD1851 & WD1956 vacs

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  • Difference between the WD1851 & WD1956 vacs

    I need a shop vac, and im debating between the 1450 (14g 6HP) , 1851 (16g 6.5HP) and the 1956 (16g 6.5HP) . Im leaning towards the 1851 or 1956.

    One the website the 1851 and 1956 seem to have the same specs for everything, but the 1956 is stainless and doesnt come with a muffler.

    Is it the same vac in stainless or are there some other features that have been thrown in?

    Also if anyone knows where I can find out the sound db level of these 3 machines that'd be great.


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    Re: Difference between the WD1851 & WD1956 vacs

    The 1851 and the 1956 are identical when comparing operating specs. There are some differences is the overall dimensions of the two and of course the 1956 is stainless steel while the 1851 isn't. I can't help you with the specific db level ratings but as an owner of a 1956 I will recommend it and say that when hooked up to my router table I can't really hear the vac when the router is running. Again, I can't give you specifics about the cfm air movement rating but will say that it has plenty of sucking power. HTH.
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      Re: Difference between the WD1851 & WD1956 vacs

      The 1851 is by far and away the best vac I have ever owned, used etc.
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