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Brad nailer problem with R213BNA

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  • Brad nailer problem with R213BNA

    I'm probably going to try and exchange the unit for a new one on Monday, but I thought I'd ask just in case the problem might be "operator error."

    I am new to air nailers in general but the operation of them seems pretty straightforward, although I am having an issue with a new unit (2 weeks old).

    When I first set things up, the unit worked great to drive in over 500 1" brads in some siding I was installing on a shed. It drove every brad trouble-free and worked exactly as I thought it should.

    However, on a trim project for the same shed, it had troubles driving in 1-1/2" brads into trim boards. The nailer would mis-mire MOST of the time (blanks). After struggling with different brads and such, I was able to get things working to a point where it would fire every OTHER time. It was consistent, which was weird. I had a scrap piece of 2x4 I kept with me to get the job done.

    I would fire the blank into the 2x4 and it made a distinct "clunk-clunk" sound. Then I would fire the brad into the trim board with one "bang" sound. I did this consistently for the rest of the brads (over 200) and it worked, although I wished I understood what was happening.

    Once thing I noticed, when I was trying to sort out what the problem might be I disconnected the air line, popped off the "jam clear" latch on the gun, and noticed that there was a flat "actuator" that was sticking out. When I pushed it back into the gun the small stack of nails I had loaded popped up and out of the top of the feeder. Hope that makes sense. Basically, the firing pin seems to not be retracting all the way. That would explain why every other brad fires, the 2nd time it doesn't retract all the way so misfiring seems to clear the issue for the next brad, which does fire.

    Anyway, thanks for reading all of this and if anyone can offer tips that would be very helpful.

    By the way, I am running at 70psi, I just realized I should have tried higher for the longer brads?

    Thank you,

    Dennis McEntire
    Bay Area Locks

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    Re: Brad nailer problem with R213BNA

    I would suggest you re-read the user instructions...70 psi is a bit low.

    I typically run 90 psi for all my nailers. I also use 3/8" air hose not 1/4".

    If you open the jam clear latch with the nail gun loaded and the magazine slide cover closed,
    spring tension will push the brads through the front. When you have a "jam" you need to open the
    magazine slide cover to remove pressure on the brads.

    Make sure the selectable trigger lever is properly set. It may have moved, or incorrectly set.
    Verify you have the depth adjustment set properly.
    Verify you are using the correct brads for this gun.
    This unit has a lock out function so if you're down to a few brads the tool won't fire.

    1" brads for siding? I'd say that may be a bit short.

    Cactus Man