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questions that I can't find the answers for

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  • questions that I can't find the answers for

    Hello, I was looking into making ridgid my go to tool for work. I have some questions that I can't seem to get a answer on and was wondering if you could answer them for me or point me in the right direction.
    1.Are the old lithium ion batteries compatible with the new drills and impacts
    2. if I buy a battery alone does it come with the lifetime replacement
    3. will ridgid be making a radio that charges batteries

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    Re: questions that I can't find the answers for

    Welcome. At this point in time the only question I can answer with any certainty is #2 and that answer is no, stand alone batteries are not covered under the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement. Many have come here and female dog and moaned about that but it is what it is.

    The radio question has also come up many times here and the general consensus is that DeWalt holds the patent on that combination and until that expires the chances of Ridgid coming out with a radio/charger combo are not very good.
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      Re: questions that I can't find the answers for

      Welcome to the forum. Out of curiosity are there any specific tools or kits you are currently looking at? What are your tooling needs? Have you seen the X4 Kit they have for sale with the 18v JobMax starter kit included. That is an awesome deal imo.

      What kind of old lithium ion batteries are you referring too? If they have the same shoe and fit onto the new tools than I can't see why they wouldn't work. The only exception is the battery charger, some of the old units will not do lithium batteries.

      From my understanding the stand alone batteries are only covered under a three year warranty and are not LSA elligble. Personally I never buy stand alone batteries, when I needed a few extra batteries I just bought two kits and sold the spare tools on kijiji.

      The radio does not have a charger and as BadgerDave has mentioned, it doesn't appear as though they will be offering one anytime soon. Having said that though, the charger isn't that big and it's fast. I think it's 20minuites to fully charge a big battery. After picking up a few kits I now have two chargers. I was going to keep three but because they are so frigging fast I've never had any issues with the charger keeping up.


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        Re: questions that I can't find the answers for


        Ryobi and Bosch currently offer radio/charger combinations. Milwaukee "claims" that their radio doesn't include a charger because chargers interfere with the radio's sound quality. I've never actually heard DeWalt's radio/charger so I don't know if Milwaukee's claim is valid.



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          Re: questions that I can't find the answers for


          Do you know if they pay a royality to DeWalt for the technology? I seem to recall that DeWalt sued someone over this issue but can't remember who or if it was ever settled.
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            Re: questions that I can't find the answers for

            You have quite a memory, Dave. The Black & Decker vs Bosch lawsuit was about 5 years ago. And you're right, Bosch wound up paying almost 3 million bucks. I think that the royalties were in the neighborhood of 3/4 million. But the primary reason Bosch lost the case was because it was proven that they actually sent one of the DeWalt radio-chargers to an outside firm (Glory Horse), with instructions to copy certain features of the device. Those features were: (1) the "ability to be powered by an AC power outlet," (2) the "ability to be powered by power tool batteries," (3) an "integrated battery charger," and (4) the "ability to be played from batteries and charge multiple Bosch batteries."

            So Bosch made the mistake of deliberately copying specific features of DeWalt's device, and producing a product that was technically close to the DeWalt product. It isn't clear (to me) that Bosch would have lost the case had they chosen to engineer a brand new radio-charger, from scratch. After all, putting a radio and a charger in a box is hardly a patentable idea. Wouldn't you imagine that it's the way those devices are technically linked and physically packaged that could lead to patent infringements?

            If that is true, it's possible that Bosch, Ryobi, and others have now chosen their own, unique methods of bundling a charger and a radio. As with most devices, patents don't exist to protect the "idea", so much as to protect the engineering that brought the idea to fruition.

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              Re: questions that I can't find the answers for

              During work, we play our dewalt radio/charger and to tell you the truth, it's not all that great. The radio frequencies are all messed up when it is charging a battery. Playing an mp3 player is the best way to listen


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                Re: questions that I can't find the answers for

                I own the Ridgid JobSite Radio and the Smaller Ridgid Compact Radio. I find the smaller radio is better at picking up stations and I tend to use it more because it's so small and portable. Also the smaller radio will slip down over a 4x4 post They both will accept an mp3 player but it is only the bigger radio that has the remote.


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                  Re: questions that I can't find the answers for

                  For battery compatibility, the attached table helped me figure things out.

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