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Which oscillating multi-tool?

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  • Which oscillating multi-tool?

    Looking to replace my POS Dremel MultiMax with a newer better quality piece. The Dremel version has been annoying since day 1.....blades never stay put, it vibrates, and gets hot.

    Ive narrowed the choices down to the Bosch 3A version, Fein 250Q or Sonicrafter x2.

    The Bosch and Fein are arguably the best quality but most expensive. Sonicrafter x2 is a good middle of the road price wise. Aside from price and included stuff, the only real difference Ive found is the Fein and Sonicrafter have a 3.2 degree oscillation angle, whereas the Bosch has "only" 2.8.....not sure how much difference that makes.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

    i have a couple of the dremels and as long as you let the tool/ blade do the work, the unit will not overheat. a dull blade or too much pressure will overwork even the higher amp models. remember these have very little cooling fans in the design of the tool.

    another consideration is the cost of replacement blades for each unit. i've found that the newer universal blades are a better call as you don't get stuck with propriety blades that cost more than the tool. ebay has some decent universal blades at a better price.

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      Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?



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        Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

        Ridgid corded jobmax...real like it. I also have the right angle very well and is the one upper over the other ones.
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          Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

          I forgot to mention I was looking for something with quick change. I find myself using the tool less just because I dont want to have to find the allen key or keep tightening down on the hex screw so the blade stays in place (Dremel had an issue with the first few batches of my model....I fixed it by adding a standard lock washer but even that has started to "fail")


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            Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

            Quick change, I'd say get the Fein 250Q. Then get the more accessories if you want. Currently runs about $200.00 vs. $125.00 for a comparable Bosch kit.


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              Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

              I picked up a decent size set of "aftermarket" blades off ebay, to fit my cordless JobPlus. The same blades fit the Fein oddly enough, part of the reason its still in the running.

              Bosch seems to have improved on the quick change mechanism vs the Fein, but I havent been able to play with a Fein in person. The Bosch quick change works well, oddly enough the SoniCrafter X2 quick change ALSO works well, at less cost. The build quality and durability of the SonicCrafter are questionable though (the Bosch and Fein models are still built in their "home countries")


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                Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

                I didn't know Bosch had a quick change at all. I guess I have the older version that you have to Allen key. That being the case, I've had zero problems with the Bosch and would choose it over the others available.


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                  Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

                  I'm partial to the Ridgid JobMax series.

                  I have the 3amp corded model and the 18v battery model.
                  I have 4 heads thus different blades and one with the sanding attachment.

                  The Allen screw that tightens the blade has never loosened for me.
                  I also use after market blades Diamond and Ftizall both purchased from E-bay. Good quality and good prices.
                  The blades play well and if not abused work well.

                  If when using any oscillating tool you see smoke you're pushing too hard and you're destroying the blade
                  and burning the wood.

                  I did have the first Harbor Freight corded model but it was loud, ran hot, and vibrated a lot.

                  I think versatility is the main selling feature of the JobMax series.

                  with the Fein or Rockwell models you only get a one head tool period.

                  The JobMax beats those tools with the ability to change heads or even change "tools"
                  Look at the Home Depot site and type in "JobMax"

                  Also do a search on this reflector as there has been a lot of discussion regarding oscillating tools.

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                    Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

                    I thought about the JobMax but a few things make me a little wary:

                    reviews - both here and on the web. Not sure if they are battery related (Ill be buying the corded model) or related to both versions of the tool
                    interchangeable heads - I think the best feature could be a drawback....are the heads nice and tight on the tool? Will the attachment point(s) start to loosen up over time?

                    I know the Fein and Bosch are "one trick ponies" but just from feeling the JobMax and Bosch, the Bosch *feels* like better quality (still cant find a Fein in person). Also not made in China helps a little (but isnt a big deal considering I have a bunch of Ridgid tools from China without a problem)

                    I do have the Ryobi JobPlus, so the heads could work on that too, just need to be sure the JobMax is "the one" for corded use.


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                      Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

                      I have the JobMax 12V model and find it to be sufficient for my needs, (general contractor/finishing carpenter). The key to success with the multi tool is patience, a sharp blade and let the tool do the work as someone said previously.

                      I have several other JobMax tool heads and they're all great too. That little 12V battery just goes and goes! The right angle drill and impact driver have saved the day a number of times for me. The most recent addition to my collection is the reciprocating saw - great for those little jobs where the big guy is just awkward - love it. No issue with the integrity of the connection between the power handle and any of the tool heads. There is a little movement between the two but I haven't found this to be a performance issue whatsoever.

                      I would recommend the JobMax system, with the exception of the Auto Hammer tool head. I bought one of these on sale for $30.00 and returned it after giving it a try in the shop. High marks for noise and vibration, not so high marks for functionality.
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                        Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

                        I have the Fein 250Q, bought it before the others hit the market. The quick change works very and is secure/tight. I have no fear of it loosening during use. Beipng corded it has plenty of power, the variable speed works well. On/Off switch on mine is a little on the overly tight side, but i don't have many hours of use on it so maybe it will ease up as time goes by. Still i'd rather have it snug than loose.

                        I also have the Ridgid 12v Jobmax and most of the heads. I have not had battery issues that CWS and others have talked about...yet...but again I have not used itthat much. When I have used it I have had no problems with it. One downside to the interchangable heads is they increase the weight of the tool a bit, plus the balance of the tool is not as good as the Fein. Blade changes are not as easy as the Fein. Have to track down the allen wrench to remove the screw, the Fein 250Q is just the flip of a lever. I think the method used to attach the heads is secure and I don't see it being a problem down the road.

                        Ifall the copycat tools had been available when I bought the Fein, I don't know which I would have bought. The Bosch or the Ridgid I think would be my choices. Sonicrafter is out in my book, too far down on the quality scale for me. The ridgid now has three power sources, battery, ac power, and pneumatic. So that could be a plusdepending on your needs. Some people like air tools over electric, Ridgid is the only one to give you a choice. And not counting Ryobi, the only one to give you changable heads to do more, but there is the expense of added weight as I said.
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                          Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

                          Thanks Bob.

                          And yeah, "analysis paralysis" prevails trying to find a quality corded multi-tool. To me I think Im still down to the Bosch vs the Fein. I like the idea of the Ridgid but have read a few people mentioning that the attachment points start to wear eventually, in the case of the oscillating head it translates into less energy transferred to the blade, which makes performance suffer.

                          Im starting to lean towards the Fein because the Bosch is (much) heavier. Plus the Fein takes the same blades as my JobPlus (cordless Ryobi multi-tool) so I could share the blade set. On the flipside, Ive always had good luck with Bosch tools, and I like the fact that their quick change doesnt use a pin-type thing to hold the blade on (but Fein's way of doing it may be the better one in the long run....if the pin wears out, just buy a new pin)


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                            Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

                            I have the Fein quick release its buy far the best out of any that I've used " unfortunately if you get use to there blades you'll hate the generics..besides the cost" 8' cord is awesome case is bomb proof mine came with tons of accessories and has just been awesome Bosch stuff is good but I find its usually heavier and more awkward then some of its competition. I would ho Fein a hundred times over but that's just me.


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                              Re: Which oscillating multi-tool?

                              [ Have to track down the allen wrench to remove the screw ]

                              Maybe I'm naive Bob, but I don't understand why all tools that require allen wrenches don't have secure, onboard storage for those wrenches. Why isn't that always part of the engineering right from the beginning? If Part "A" is necessary for Part "B" to function, shouldn't Parts A & B somehow be packaged together? It seems that tool manufacturers should always accept that they have 2 options: quick-change accessories, or onboard tool storage. Isn't this an example of "common sense", consumer-focused design?