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Less then 3 months for LSA Regristration.

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  • Less then 3 months for LSA Regristration.

    I bought two kits on September 7th and received the LSA notifications this past weekend. That's less then 3 months from start to finish on getting my tools registered for LSA.

    It seems this topic is often talked about and it's usually someone saying it's been 5,6,7 months etc and all these issues they are having. I just wanted to share my experience so people can see that the process does work and Ridgid Customer Service is there to help.

    I always keep a record of everything I send in and in this case it saved me some grief. With it being two kits, the first one was updated over the weekend and not the second one. So I called Monday to inquire about the other kit. I explained all the info was in the same envelope for both kits but only one was updated in my dashboard. The customer service woman asked me to fax a copy of the receipt for both kits so I did. Late last night the second one was updated as well. All in, it took me 15minuites to sort it out and I was very pleased with their service in this case.

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    Re: Less then 3 months for LSA Regristration.

    It's nice to hear something positive about the LSA Program for a change. Glad things worked out well for you.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      Re: Less then 3 months for LSA Regristration.

      I personally don't understand the complaints for LSA. Glad to hear you having good experience with LSA.
      I too just last week took 2 of my 18v ni cad batteries in for replacement,walked in my service center in Tulsa ok,walked out with 2 new batteries.
      Took about 10 mins. Came home got on my dash board yesterday, registered my new batteries, called customer service at ridgid this morning they had only registered them as 3 year warranty. Very nice lady in customer service said sure i can take care of that for you. Is their anything else i can do for you? No thank you thats all i needed.she then told me it will take 24 hours for it to show on my dashboard as LSA. I just checked my dashboard and already done LSA covered.