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Lithium ion drills

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    Re: Lithium ion drills

    Originally posted by Mark7 View Post
    I have been using Makita Li-ion set: Recp saw, drill-driver, circ saw, and impact for two years and it has held up well. I would buy it again.
    I recently picked up the 20v brushless dewalt impact and am truly impressed with the power.

    I also recently purchased a Milwaukee drill driver. I like that their batteries allow you to know the state of charge in the battery.
    You sound like you have a tool Jones. My sympathies.


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      Re: Lithium ion drills

      another vote for Makita. No one brand makes the best in everything, but for me, they have been the most consistently good product. Someone else mentioned Hitachi - that's another that I've liked over the years, but it seems like they're a little pricier for what you get.

      I may not earn any friends with this comment, but I think Dewalt is THE most overrated brand out there right now.