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Ridgid JobMax Ratchet head attatchmet

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  • Ridgid JobMax Ratchet head attatchmet

    I was at home depot today and saw the JobMax tool for the first time. I was wondering if there was anyone that knows much about the ratchet head attachment. I have a 1/4 inch Milwaukee battery powered ratchet and I love it. It has 30 Ft lbs of torque and according to the ridged site their attachment only has 250 in.-lbs. which equals 20 ft.-lbs.

    I would totally buy the jobmax tool and attachments if only they could make a 1/4 inch head
    and up the torque to at least 35 ft. lbs.

    I guess my question is does it work well enough to be used in a body shop? I use my Milwaukee on a daily bases.

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    Re: Ridgid JobMax Ratchet head attatchmet

    It does work well. I to wish it had a higher torque rating. I've used it a few times working on the vehicles and although not very strong, it will run a bolt in and out in tight spaces that would take forever with a manual ratchet.


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      Re: Ridgid JobMax Ratchet head attatchmet

      I wonder if the 18v or Pneumatic handle would up the torque rating?


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        Re: Ridgid JobMax Ratchet head attatchmet

        the impact head is supposed to develop 650 lb/in (54 lb/ft) of torque. that is a good bit more than the ratchet head and you could use a 1/4 hex x 1/4 sq drive adapter to use your 1/4" sockets in tight spots.

        Ridgid JobMax#

        the torque limitation might come from the design or materials used in making the ratcher head, not in the power source. I would think the pneumatic head would develop the most power though of the three, the AC power unit being second.
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          Re: Ridgid JobMax Ratchet head attatchmet

          i have one on a 12V job max body and i've used it a bunch of times but it's no where near as useful as you'd think it should. the problem is that the jobmax body is so wide that the tool won't fit into tight spaces where a regular ratchet will fit.

          the milwaukee ratchet looks good because it's a lot smaller. however, it also costs a lot more.