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Would you prefer one Lith-Ion or 2 NiCads?

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  • Would you prefer one Lith-Ion or 2 NiCads?

    I was looking at a drill pkg that included 2 nicads, drill and charger for $99 (dewalt) but others offer the same $99 pkg with one lith-ion, I"m not sure whether it is better to have one better tech battery or two of the nicads. thoughts?

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    Re: Would you prefer one Lith-Ion or 2 NiCads?

    Lion batteries don't do so well in cold weather, i.e. storing them in your truck. They won't take a charge until warmed up, and it's always (in my opinion) better to have two batteries on hand. Just my 2 cents. Course you live in Florida so that may not be an issue.


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      Re: Would you prefer one Lith-Ion or 2 NiCads?

      For what it's worth: Every hand tool I've had throughout my life up until lately was dead when I needed it. That was because it had Ni-cad's. Now with the few Li Ion's I have, they are always ready when I am. I also like the power curve. Li Ion's are almost full charge until they die. Ni Cad's on the other hand just keep getting weaker and weaker. And that's only if you have very recently charged the battery.
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        Re: Would you prefer one Lith-Ion or 2 NiCads?

        I tihnk I would rather have the Li-Ion battery, but ideally to have two Li-Ions would be best.

        I've noticed that a number of the kits have gone to offering the half size batteries in place of the
        full size batteries that they used to offer in the past. But of course the price of the kit has not
        gone down.

        I see that Ryobi now has two Li-Ion batteries. The previous full size battery is not called Li-Ion+
        and they have a lessor battery (though the same physical size) for a few dollars less than their
        original battery sold for. The Li-Ion+ is now $99, it used to be $69, then jumped to $79, now $99.
        Their half size battery is $49 IIRC, or for $59 you can get two of the old technology Ni-Cads.
        Lots of choices and every one costs you more than it did a year ago.
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          Re: Would you prefer one Lith-Ion or 2 NiCads?

          Li-ion, hands down. Especially the newer generation.
          Batteries have always been the weakest link in portable power tools.
          Like anything else, you get what you pay for (most of the time).
          Why not get the best your budget will allow?
          I operate in south-central Fla. and cold weather has never been an issue with batteries, here.