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power switch for Rigid planer R4331

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  • power switch for Rigid planer R4331

    I bought a floor model of the the Rigid planer, R4331. It did not have a manual but Rigid is sending me one. I will not use the planer until I get the manual, but I did want to at least see that the motor worked.

    There is is red plastic piece on the left side which has symbols to the side which indicates it is the off/on switch. But when I attempt to raise the plastic piece, it raises up about 1/3 the way and then seems to bind...and the motor does not start. I am afraid to press the plastic piece higher by brute I need to know just how the motor is started...any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: power switch for Rigid planer R4331

    I'm guessing you are missing the "yellow" plastic key that should be there in order to actually "trigger" the switch mechanism. If you observe the "red" plastic piece that you refer to as a "switch", there is a vertical, rectangular slot where the "yellow" safety key is normally inserted. Just about all modern power tools have some sort of mechanical key. The idea is to be able to disable the switch so children or other unauthorized people can't turn the machine on.

    So, go back to the store and see if they can help you... many Home Depot stores keep a few extra keys around. I may be mistaken, but I think all of the Ridgid line stationary power tools take the same kind of "yellow" plastic insert as a safety key.

    If not, you will have to call Ridgid Customer Service and have them send you one. It's a shame you have to wait, as I feel the sales person should have known about this.



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      Re: power switch for Rigid planer R4331

      thanks for the help, and yes there does appear to be the slot you mentioned. I'll contact Rigid and ask for a yellow key. In the meantime, can anyone suggest an interim solution, perhaps some make-shift item which will work until I get the key?