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    I am new here so i hope i am posting this in the right area. I received a Ridgid Trim routed for Xmas and I wanted to know what limits are? I know what it is designed for, but I want to see if it can do some edge rounding and cut groves for dovetails. I am not looking at abusing it, but we all push tools now don't we? Lol
    thank for looking
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    Re: Trimmer Router

    Keep in mind you'll only be able to use 1/4" shaft router bits and that my limit your selections and needs.
    also NEVER EVER force the tool!!!!!!!
    Slow and steady and you should be able to find many uses for the trim router.

    I have found it quite handy and friendly compared to my full size DeWalt 621 router!
    I have used it with a 1/2" round over bit and did cut some 3/4" dadoes but it required a
    number of passes for the depth and width but again, slow and easy did the job.

    Cactus Man