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questions re use of Rigid planer, model R4331

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  • questions re use of Rigid planer, model R4331

    I have a new Rigid planer, model R4331. i have not used a planer before. The manual gives some indication of how to use it, but it is not clear to me. Below I have set out the steps I think it is to be used, but please correct and/or rearrange the steps. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Measure the thickness of the wood to be planed by lowering the cutters using the depth adjust crank (with the "Sure-Cut" carriage lock unlocked and with motor off of course).

    2. Then lower the cutters (with the wood not under the cutters, and motor still off) to the desired depth of the cut using the crank, but do not exceed the manual's cautions of depth of the cut, e.g., 1/16 of an inch for a board 6 inches wide.

    3. Lock the "Sure-Cut" carriage lock.

    4. With the motor on, then feed the board into the machine, allowing the machine's rollers to accept it without pushing the wood into the cutters.

    What I don't understand is the use of what Rigid calls the "Ind-I-Cut" depth gauge. I am guessing that this gauge measures the depth of the cut as the cut is being made, but I am not sure. I have omitted on purpose use of the "Repeat-A-Cut" dial.

    Please correct any item above...all guidance appreciated.

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    Re: questions re use of Rigid planer, model R4331

    Ind-I-Cut would come into play in your step #2. Have the wood piece under the Ind-I-Cut but not under the feed rollers while lowering the cutters. It'll show you roughly how much will be cut on the next pass. I've found that the indication is somewhat different in practice due to the changes that occur once the wood is under the pressure of the feed rollers.

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