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R4512 extension table size

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  • R4512 extension table size

    In the manual for the R4512, it says to make the extension table 27"x14 5/8". However, the distance from the end of my wing to the spreader bar is shy of 14.5" (then the bolt head inside the front rail that attaches the spreader bar runs into the screw holding on the front rail end cap). My front rail is zeroed to the blade, so I assume this discrepancy comes from how my trunion is mounted to the table? The short version of the question is am I just supposed to make the extension table 14.25" or so wide, or do I have something else misconfigured causing this discrepancy?



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    Re: R4512 extension table size

    14.25" and enjoy your saw.
    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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      Re: R4512 extension table size

      I was just installing the end caps on my 4512 and while doing so I measured the width from the end of the steel wing to the spreader bar. Mine measures just a hair over 14.5", so a 14 5/8" width extension table would be snug and the right width. 14.25" would leave me with a gap between the end of the extension piece and the spreader bar.

      My intention will be to be pull out the steel wing and make an extension that is an extra 10" wide, since the extension will be much flatter/more consistent than the steel wing.
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