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Problem squaring 10 sliding miter saw to fence

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  • Problem squaring 10 sliding miter saw to fence

    I have a MS255SR sliding miter saw which runs out of square with the fence...
    approximately 1/8 of an inch over a 12" crosscut.

    I carefully followed directions for squaring the blade to the fence, by adjusting the fence hex head bolts, but the fence does not adjust far enough to correct the problem.

    Does anyone have experience with this problem, and know a fix? I checked the internet and a number of people have said it is a non correctable problem on several earlier models.

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    Popeye122 and whomever has this problem,

    I had the same issue with my Ridgid MS255SR 10" compound miter saw. After searching the Internet, reading the owners manual and attempting several times to square the blade to the fence with the recommended combination square. Even though I was able to get it down to a 16th, I still considered this a failure.

    Today, I was able to square everything completely out with a little effort. I lifted the fence off the base of the saw using a 6mm Allen key. I then cleaned the surface of the base with a shop vac and a rag. I then cleaned the bottom of the fence using the same items. I broke out the carpenters square instead of the other square. As I slid the blade back and forth repeatedly. I slowly tightened the fence down to the base alternating from one side to the other. I then cut a few pieces of wood and I double checked it. I now have it squared all the way out. Total adjustment time from start to finish 20 minutes. I hope this helps.