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  • JobMax - 18V or Corded

    I am a homeowner in the market for a JobMax and will use it during a major renovation as well as for continual projects on the old home I am restoring. I have the 18V drill and driver and have used a FEIN oscillating tool many times. Originally I was goign to go Bosch, but the jobmax is more versatile. Now the only questions is....

    Does the 18V perform admirably or is it still noticeably weaker (short run time and less power) than the corded version as I hear the 12V can be? Has anyone used both to offer a comparison?

    Thank you.

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    Re: JobMax - 18V or Corded

    If you have 120vac available I say buy the corded model.
    If you require portability and for those tight spots where a corded model won't work well get the 18v model.

    I have both.

    I use the 18v model when a corded model is inconvenient. The 18v model with the 3amp X-4 battery will give
    you plenty of power .....but..the tool may get warm and shut down, don't panic.
    It's not the tool or battery ..allow a while for the tool to cool and you're back up and running.

    The corded model has never stopped on me unless I wanted it too.

    for affordable blades check out fitzall. you can find them also on E-bay.

    The 12v model as other have indicated may be a bit anemic.

    Cactus Man


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      Re: JobMax - 18V or Corded

      Cactus Man's point about the cool-down period is my only objection to the 18V model. The tool only shuts down because it gets hot while I'm using it for extended periods. But because I'm needing to use it for an extended period, the cool-down time brings the project to a halt. For a project that requires more constant use, such as grout removal, I prefer the corded model. But for almost everything else, I really do like the 18V model. If I could only choose one, it would have to be the corded version. Unless your needs are light-duty/hobby projects, you might want to avoid the 12V model.



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        Re: JobMax - 18V or Corded

        If all the batteries you own are two 1.5ah batteries which came with your drill kit then I would choose the corded. Once you get other heads you will probably use the tool more often and for that you will need the bigger batteries so your not constantly changing.

        If however you are looking at this purchase as a stepping stone for purchasing other tools using the same battery type than I say go for it. Since getting mine I am using it more and more often. It's not as heavy and bulky as carrying my bag of full size tools so when I don't think I need power tools I tend to drag the jobmax alone just in case and since it's there I use it. The fact it's cordless has I am sure a lot to do with the decision to bring it along as well. I hate dragging an extension cord around, stepping on it while working, having it dangle as I'm working on overhead stuff, having to adjust it all the time. I'm sure if I had to drag an extension cord along as well than I'd probably leave it home unless I knew I needed a power tool and even then I'd probably just grab my cordless x4 kit.

        You mentioned you have one big renovation and some smaller ones down the road. Most of the time, even in bigger renovations, the length of time I find my self with a power tool in hand (other than the drill) vs, moving materials around, measuring etc is very small. So even in your scenario, you may get away with the 18v cordless which imo gives you a more mobile tool for the smaller renovations later on.

        When you guys say the tool over heats and shuts off until it cools down, are you referring to the batteries overheating? Please correct me if I'm mistaken but it wouldn't be the wand or head portion causing the shut down right? I've never had the tool shut off on me yet so I'm curious if it were the battery, couldn't you just put on a new battery, keep going, and set the other battery aside to cool down? I don't do grout so I've never had to leave my finger on the trigger for more than a few minutes at a time. Well there was the time I spent an hour hammer drilling 6 holes through a concrete and stone foundation but even then it was only 5 minutes at a time then I'd stop and let the blood flow back into my fingers for a few seconds and then I'd go again. Even then I drained three batteries and never had a heat issue.


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          Re: JobMax - 18V or Corded

          Let me walk through my overheating "shutdown" issue. If the 18V JobMax is subjected to continuous use, the tool gets hot and shuts down. When the battery cools down, the tool will function again, but the tool is still warm. On the next cycle with the same battery or with a different battery, the shutdown occurs more quickly because the tool is already "preheated".
          It's entirely possible that I'm misdiagnosing the problem.

          I should also mention that if I use the tool intermittently, there is no shutdown issue.