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Need help to identify this saw

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  • Need help to identify this saw

    Would like to find out more about this saw. Anyone know? The name on it is "Memco 3"
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    Re: Need help to identify this saw

    do not really know any thing about it but it looks like a "modern" version of a swing saw, (and in this case by modern my guess is pre 1950's and most likely pre 1940's), if there is another tag on it with a city or address, serial number, etc, if you figured out the city and possibly a old city directory could help one locate the place and then see if that place changed hands and possibly trace who is if any one (company) is connected to it to day, (my experience is that even if you do trace the history and the current company they usually not very interested in giving out any information and it might be that there is none left to give,

    there are some antique wood tools sites that may have more information, some thing like this one,
    Old Woodworking Tools and Machines
    there seems to be a few more but I can not find them now,

    but if you find out any more about it, check back in and let us know, looks like a great piece of history,

    here is a few near sister machines to the one you have posted, on this site,
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